What Is The Purpose Of Effluent Treatment Plant?

September 26, 2023by newebay020

The Purpose of ETP(Effluent Treatment Plant) can be found in its name itself, that is treatment the plant for the treatment of toxic synthetic chemicals and elements, poisonous, non-poisonous harmful effluents generated by various industries to create clean water and get it in its purest form possible so that it can be used , re-used , re-cycled, and released into the environment with less or no harmful effects .

Therefore, the purpose of Effluent Treatment Plant(ETP) can be elaborated as :

  1. To clean industry profluent and reuse it for additional utilization .
  2. To cut the consumption on water acquirement .
  3. To fulfill the Guidelines for emanation or release of natural toxins from different Industrial Ventures set by the Public authority and keep away from heavy punishments .
  4. To protect the climate against contamination and contribute in sustainable development.

Why do we require ETPs?

The ETP Plant is critical for the treatment of industrial wastewater. ETPs are generally used to treat industrial effluent so that it can be reused or safely discharged into the environment. Nowadays, it is obligatory for every industry to install ETP plants in accordance with government laws to treat their waste and wastewater in order to make it more reusable or to safely and securely discharge  into the environment.

Packaged Effluent Treatment Plants are a separate option for small and medium-sized businesses that help to dispose of the effluent created at their facility .

Government Requirements: It is required to have an etp plant in accordance with government norms and regulations.

What role does ETP play?

All major ventures  have their treatment of wastewater at effluent treatment plant (ETPs) . Every crucial pharmaceuticals , chemicals , textile, and other companies that discharges wastewater mostly employed ETPs to clean the water and eliminate any harmful or unnecessary chemicals or compounds. To comply with government regulations and to safeguard the environment, all of the enterprises utilised these facilities.

To understand the purpose of ETP, we also need to understand the working of it.

Working of an Effluent Treatment Plant is the same as we have observed in the case of sewage treatment plant :

  1. Preliminary Treatment

The wastewater is put through a procedure in the beginning where the larger solid particles are removed using filters with huge screens that screen out the solid things.

  1. Primary Treatment

The first stage of sewage treatment is where the heavier solids settle to the bottom and only the lighter , floatable patchy particles, such as grease and oil , paints , remain on the surface. These floating and solid particles are both removed , and the remaining wastewater can either be discharged, through the outlets or transported to the secondary treatment for further processing.

  1. Secondary Treatment

Organic particles that is dissolved  and suspended are removed from wastewater during the secondary stage. Native and water borne micro organisms including bacteria , fungus , protozoa that consume bio-degradable soluble contaminants like sugar , fat , cleaning solution and food waste carry out secondary treatment. To remove the microorganism from the processed water prior to discharge or for tertiary treatment, a separation process step is needed.

  1. Tertiary Treatment

The water undergoes filtration in this final stage to relieve any left over waste that was observed  during the  secondary treatments. Before the wastewater is transferred to the common natural niche , it is first gutted , cleaned , disinfected using chemicals that completely filters water .

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