How Does Industrial RO Plant Work?

September 4, 2023by newebay020

Industrial RO units have shown to be a lifesaver for manufacturers, housing societies, hostels & restaurants, and hospitals by supplying clean, filtered water that can be used for both production and consumption. They are highly regarded because they efficiently eliminate up to 99% of dissolved impurities, pollutants. But have you ever wondered how does industrial RO Plant work? If yes then you are at the right place, but before explaining the working of an industrial RO plant, let’s understand the meaning of industrial RO Plant!

Industrial RO Plant

Reverse osmosis is a manufacturing process that is used in industrial RO systems to clean contaminated water. The Industrial RO Water plant requires a variety of pre-treatment methods, such as softening, dechlorination, and antiscalant treatment. After pre-treatment, water is pushed through a semipermeable membrane at high pressure, trapping all contaminants and enabling only pure water to pass through. The amount of salts and contaminants in the water affect energy levels.

By applying pressure to a semipermeable membrane and desalinating the water, reverse osmosis (RO) is a practical method for cleaning water.

Let’s first comprehend the osmosis process in order to fully comprehend the reverse osmosis procedure:

In osmosis, a liquid, like water, passes through a semipermeable membrane that only allows some molecules, like those of water, to pass through while blocking the passage of other molecules, including those of salts and organic matter.

Liquids naturally travel through a membrane to equalize the difference in salt concentration between the two solutions. Seawater, which has a higher concentration, is moved toward by freshwater, which has a lower concentration. The process of reversing a liquid flow is known as reverse osmosis. This reverse osmosis procedure is a part of any Industrial RO system.

By applying pressure to the highly concentrated solution, such as seawater, we can force the water molecules to migrate through the semipermeable membrane in the opposite direction from the salty seawater side to the freshwater side.

Semipermeable membranes are typically made of cellulose acetate, polymethacrylate, and polyamides. This membrane is referred to as semi-permeable since it only allows the solvent or the water but not the ions, minerals, or colloidal particles present in the water.

Let’s examine the RO System’s operation.

The RO water plant has two compartments: one retains low concentration water, the other high concentration water (seawater) (pure water). The two parts are separated by a semi-permeable membrane.

The semipermeable membrane is breached by high pressure, allowing water from the high concentration compartment to enter the low concentration compartment. Reverse osmosis water is the term used to describe the water that we remove. How Does Industrial RO Plant Work its depend on different factors.

RO Plant’s operational cycle
  • Step 1: The raw water pump feeds water into the sand filter, which removes suspended particles.
  • Step 2: The water is then poured onto the activated carbon filter to undergo dichlorination.
  • Step 3: The water is further filtered using a micron cartridge filter.
  • Step 4: A high-pressure pump then pushes water through the RO membranes.
  • Step 5: The bulk of dissolved particulates cannot pass through the membranes; only clean water can.
  • Step 6: Next, the impure water passes via the RO product line, while the contaminated water travels through the reject line.
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