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Meerut, an important commercial and industrial hub in western Uttar Pradesh, has witnessed rapid urbanisation over the past couple of decades. The city’s population has grown exponentially, leading to tremendous pressure on civic amenities and infrastructure. One of the major challenges plaguing Meerut is the lack of adequate sewage treatment facilities to cater to the large sewage volumes being generated. Untreated sewage discharged into local water bodies has resulted in rampant pollution and deterioration of the city’s ecological health. To counter this environmental hazard and revive Meerut’s water resources, it is imperative to invest in technologically advanced sewage treatment plants (STPs) at a large scale.

we explore Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturer in Meerut the current scenario regarding sewage management in Meerut and how Netsol Water is a leading STP provider.


Sewage Crisis and Environmental Impact in Meerut

According to official estimates, Meerut generates around 250 million litres of sewage per day (MLD) from residential, commercial and industrial sources. However, the city’s installed treatment capacity is only around 140 MLD. Moreover, most of the existing STPs employ older treatment technologies, suffering from inefficient performance and frequent downtimes. You can buy in cheap price Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturer in Meerut.


The consequences of letting huge volumes of untreated sewage leak into Meerut’s waterways have been catastrophic:


  • Rivers have witnessed severe deterioration in their water quality with elevated levels of biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and total suspended solids (TSS).


  • Groundwater sources across many localities have tested positive for high concentrations of nitrates, heavy metals and pathogens posing health risks.


  • Instances of water-borne diseases like diarrhoea and cholera and vector-borne diseases like malaria have been on the rise, putting additional strain on healthcare infrastructure.


  • Foul odour emanating from open sewage drains and clogged alas is an increasingly common occurrence across densely populated residential zones.


Installing High-Efficiency STPs

To combat Meerut’s sewage crisis, a multi-pronged solution involving an upgrade to the city’s sewerage network as well as the installation of high-capacity, technologically advanced STPs is the need of the hour. Here’s a look at how deploying efficient sewage treatment facilities can be a gamechanger:


  • Ensuring Safe Disposal: STPs can treat sewage to meet the stringent disposal norms stipulated by the pollution control authorities before discharging it into rivers/land, thus preventing contamination.


  • Enable Wastewater Reuse: Tertiary treatment at STPs can further purify the sewage, allowing it to be recycled for non-potable uses like gardening, flushing and construction activities, leading to freshwater savings.


  • Lower Environmental Footprint: Advanced STPs incorporating energy-efficient aeration, sludge management and digestion mechanisms can substantially reduce the environmental impact.


  • Regain Water Resources: Consistently treating wastewater to desired levels can progressively help revive polluted rivers and groundwater aquifers, rejuvenating ecological habitats.


  • Public Health Protection: Properly treating sewage at source eliminates disease transmission risks through direct/indirect exposure, thereby safeguarding public health.


Netsol Water As a Sewage treatment plant manufacturer in Meerut

Netsol Water is a leading EPC provider for water and wastewater treatment plants with over 12 years of global experience. The company has designed and commissioned sewage treatment plants across India, incorporating robust and compact technologies that are aligned with international standards. For Meerut, Netsol Water can offer the following solutions:


Sewage Treatment Plant Models

  • ISTP (Inclined Sewage Treatment Plant): Netsol Water’s proprietary inclined tube settler technology ensures higher hydraulic throughput in a compact footprint ideal for decentralized STPs in residential areas.


  • MBBR (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor) STP: These are recommended for towns/cities with limited land availability leveraging modular plastic biofilm carriers for efficient biological treatment.


  • SBR (Sequencing Batch Reactor) STP: Netsol Water’s automated batch process STPs ensure consistently high effluent quality and biological nutrient removal capabilities suitable for large centralized plants.


Value-Added Features

  • Tertiary Treatment: Advanced processes like ultra-filtration, UV disinfection, sand filters and activated carbon modules integrated for potential water reuse applications.


  • Co-Treatment Facilities: Combined treatment of municipal sewage with suitable industrial effluents in a single STP specially designed for enhanced nutrient removal and sludge quality.


  • Sewage Sludge Management: Comprehensive solutions covering thickening, dewatering, drying and sludge-to-energy mechanisms for achieving zero sludge discharge.


  • Odor Control Systems: Installations like bio-filters, odour suppression units and chemical scrubbers to prevent unpleasant odour emissions near residential areas.



Mounting sewage volumes, depleting water resources and inadequate treatment infrastructure have coalesced into a perfect storm of environmental and public health crises for the city of Meerut. The existing situation demands urgent large-scale deployment of modern Sewage treatment plant manufacturer to arrest pollution levels and sustainably revive the ecological balance. Netsol Water, with its rich experience and robust technological know-how, is strategically positioned to lead this transformation in Meerut.


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