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Located in the Thar Desert in Rajasthan, the vibrant city of Bikaner faces a constant battle against water scarcity and environmental challenges. With a population of over 644,000 people, ensuring proper treatment of the large volumes of sewage generated daily is crucial not just for public health but also for sustainable water resource management. This has led to an increasing need for reliable and efficient sewage treatment plant (STP) manufacturers to provide localised solutions that are ideal for Bikaner’s unique geographical conditions. We explore Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturer in Bikaner on best price of all over India.


The Need for Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturer in Bikaner

 Despite being situated in an arid region, Bikaner generates over 40 million litres of sewage per day, which is expected to rise further with urbanisation. Untreated discharge of this sewage into water bodies leads to severe hazards like:


  • Contamination of groundwater resources depleting safe drinking water sources
  • Propagation of water-borne diseases due to unsanitary conditions
  • Environmental degradation disrupting the fragile desert ecosystem balance


Setting up a dedicated sewage treatment plant is imperative to mitigate these risks and enable the safe reuse of treated wastewater for applications like agriculture, horticulture and industrial processes. However, Bikaner’s climate poses unique constraints, necessitating customised STP solutions from local manufacturers with a deep understanding of the region’s challenges.

Key factors driving the need for a Sewage treatment plant manufacturer in Bikaner:


  1. Scarcity of freshwater resources: With limited surface water sources, treated sewage needs to be reused optimally for non-potable purposes to reduce strain on freshwater reserves.


  1. High total dissolved solids (TDS): The sewage in Bikaner contains very high TDS levels, requiring advanced treatment technologies to produce water of acceptable quality and meet reuse standards.


  1. Land constraints: Space available for STP installation tends to be limited in urban areas demanding compact, decentralised sewage treatment solutions.


  1. Temperature extremes: The extremely hot and arid climate conditions make conventional sewage treatment processes less efficient and productive, requiring tailored process design.


Netsol Water: Leading Sewage treatment plant manufacturer in Bikaner

Among the various manufacturers, Netsol Water has rapidly emerged as the leading sewage treatment plant manufacturer across Rajasthan. Netsol Water specialises in delivering customised, decentralised STP solutions tailored to handle the specific sewage characteristics and requirements of arid regions.


Their core focus includes deploying advanced wastewater treatment technologies optimised for conditions like high TDS levels, temperature fluctuations, low water availability and stringent treated water quality standards for reuse. Some of Netsol Water’s key innovations and capabilities relevant to Bikaner include:


  1. Smart Sewage Treatment Technologies

Netsol Water utilises innovative sewage treatment processes like Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR), Membrane Bioreactor (MBR), Sequential Batch Reactor (SBR) and Phyto-rid (Natural Treatment) based STPs designed to operate efficiently in water-scarce and extreme temperature environments. Their plants produce high-quality treated sewage that is compliant with statutory norms for safe reuse in agricultural, industrial, and municipal applications.


  1. Modular and Mobile STP Solutions

Providing flexible, rapid deployable STP solutions, Netsol Water offers modular STPs with capacities from 100 KLD to 20 MLD that can be easily scaled up or down based on demand. Their mobile trailer-mounted containerised STPs in the 50-500 KLD range are perfect for quickly setting up treatment infrastructure at remote locations without permanent civil structures.


  1. Advanced Sewage Recovery and Reuse

With a strong focus on recovering high-quality treated sewage for reuse, Netsol Water’s STPs are engineered to maximise water recovery up to 90% from the raw sewage input. The treated water meets stringent parameters like low BOD/COD, TDS removal, and pathogen elimination, allowing safe, non-potable reuse in various applications. This ensures optimal utilisation of this precious resource in water-stressed areas.


  1. Smart Automation and Analytics

Leveraging cutting-edge automation and IoT, Netsol Water’s treatment plants are integrated with smart PLC controls, remote monitoring capabilities, automated sensors, and data analytics, enabling unstaffed, efficient operations with minimal human intervention. This intelligent control helps optimise treatment processes while reducing manpower costs.


  1. Compact and Containerized Designs

Their container and compact treatment plant designs with a small footprint are perfectly suited for land-constrained areas, making them ideal for residential societies, hotels, commercial establishments and industries in Bikaner’s urban locations. Fast installation within 7-10 days reduces project cycle times.


  1. Efficient Power and Chemical Consumption

With a focus on sustainability, Netsol Water’s plants utilise energy-efficient equipment like pumps and blowers coupled with automated chemical dosing systems, minimising utility costs over the plant’s lifetime. Their unique process design also results in low sludge generation, further reducing sludge handling and disposal expenses.


  1. End-to-End Solutions and Services

Netsol Water provides complete end-to-end offerings from engineering design, manufacturing, delivery and installation to operations and maintenance of both sewage and industrial effluent treatment plants via long-term AMC contracts. Their experienced team undertakes process optimisation, plant automation, manpower training and efficiency enhancement to maximise returns for clients.



As the mounting pressures of rapid urbanisation, population growth and climate change continue to strain Bikaner’s limited freshwater resources, investing in state-of-the-art sewage treatment infrastructure and maximising the reuse of this treated wastewater has become critical. With innovative technologies, localised expertise and a strong focus on sustainable solutions, STP manufacturers like Netsol Water are at the forefront of this effort. By partnering with such specialised companies offering tailor-made sewage treatment systems optimised for Bikaner’s arid terrain, clients can deploy compact, energy-efficient STPs integrated with smart automation. This not only enables consistent removal of contaminants to produce high-quality treated sewage but also ensures up to 90% water recovery with minimal resource consumption and operating costs over the long run. Ultimately, such public-private collaborations are instrumental in helping cities like Bikaner achieve their goals of water sustainability and security through sewage management in an environmentally responsible manner.


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