Commercial RO Plant Capacity

December 2, 2022by newebay020

Reverse osmosis is a technique used to purify water by removing a wide variety of salts. A natural process involving fluid flow is osmosis. Over a membrane barrier that is semi-permeable. It is the method by which water reaches the leaves at the top of plants and by which nutrients nourish the cells in our bodies.Reverse osmosis is regarded as a considerably safer method of creating clean water for many commercial and industrial purposes. Commercial RO plants come in different sizes and capacities. When one has to make a choice for their commercial setup, the most important point of remark is the sufficiency which is determined by the plant size. The required permeate quantity, feed water salinity, and anticipated permeate quality will determine the size of the RO and membrane selection.

In order to assist you in choosing a best fit for your commercial spaces, let us have a look at some of the standard capacities of commercial RO plants

Commercial RO plant capacity­:

Commercial RO plant are available in a range of forms and dimensions. LPH, which stands for litres per hour and denotes that this RO can process up to how many litres per hour, is the unit used to classify water plants based on the amount of water that is cleansed. Water is purified in a number of processes in ROs. Homes and small workplaces can use these ROs. Some of the standard LPH systems are mentioned below as:

100 LPH RO plant:

It has a 100-liter capacity and can operate for 8 to 10 hours each day. You may obtain enough clean and safe normal water if you have a commercial 100 LPH RO. These 100 LPH RO plants are often found in small enterprises and educational institutions.

250 LPH RO Plant:

As its name suggests, a 250 LPH RO plant can purify up to 250 litres of water per hour.

500 LPH RO plant:

Reverse osmosis plant with a 500 LPH capacity can produce 500 litres of water every hour. 500 LPH RO systems frequently contain sand media filters, carbon media filters, and micron filters.

1000 LPH RO plant:

The most reliable and powerful 1000 LPH RO plant is suitable for large businesses. A typical 1000 LPH RO system includes sand media filters, carbon media filters, and micron filters. It has both a high-pressure pump and a dosing pump. Also includes a premium RO membrane, a pressure gauge, and a Rota-meter.

2000 LPH RO:

This is a powerful RO system. It quickly produces a big supply of filtered, safe, clean, and nutritious water (2000 litres per hour). It is ideal for circumstances involving excessive water use, such as many houses in a small area, a big tank, etc.


Each and every person wants to drink clean water. Therefore, think about getting a Commercial RO for your office or any other place of business if you want to drink clean water and become healthier than you were.

Netsol helps to bring the water in its purest form with so much ease. We can make a choice of best fit commercial RO plant for your set up as per your requirement and convenience. The only thing you have to do is to contact us.

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