Zero liquid discharge plant manufacturers – who to trust?

December 13, 2022by newebay020

Due to urbanization and globalization, water demand is rising day by day, despite its scarcity. Wastewater from industries including power, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals contains harmful and toxic compounds, solid waste, and organic waste, which further harms the environment.


In fact, many government and commercial organisations like Netsol Water Solutions, have designed plans to install ZLD Plants, to reduce water waste, which will aid them in developing a sustainable environment.


Zero Liquid Discharge plant


A method known as zero liquid discharge (ZLD) aims to reduce the amount of liquid waste, generated at the end of an industrial operation to zero. It is being utilized increasingly, and frequently as a result of tighter discharge limitations and it can be especially helpful, in areas with limited water supplies or where waterways are protected.


By using it, your company can avoid paying large fines if it violates any local effluent standards.


Zero liquid discharge plant manufacturers-who to trust?


Finding a ZLD system for your plant that is economical and ecologically beneficial can be difficult, especially as effluent standards become more stringent and your alternatives for discharge treatment are constrained. In order to help you with a new or upgraded ZLD water treatment system, you may be asking which businesses are the best in the field of zero liquid discharge equipment and technology.


Although, there are a number of manufacturing units that provide ZLD system facilities, but the best production site of Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) facility is Netsol Water Solutions. Our firm has reduced water use while producing its products and assured that no liquid waste is produced, with the help of the ZLD technique.


Components of our ZLD Plants


The zero liquid discharge plant provided by Netsol Water Solutions utilizes a 100 percent supply, of effluent-treated water from sewage treatment plants (STP) and effluent treatment plants. It is then processed using a mix of methods, including Agitated Thin Film Dryer (ATFD), Reverse Osmosis, and Membrane Bio-Reactor (MBR).


The final result is the permeate, which is of good quality water, and is reused in fume hoods, boiler feed, and cooling tower makeup water, without being dumped into the sewage. This puts the wasted water to good use. Apart from this, by the process of evaporation, the rejected water is transformed into solid waste residue, which is then disposed of as hazardous waste (as per the regulatory norms).


What makes our Zero Liquid Discharge Systems so special?


  • Our Zero Liquid Discharge Systems use a number of very effective and efficient thermal techniques.
  • The appropriate process scheme is selected based on the kind of wastewater.
  • Based on the kind of effluent, each of our ZLD systems is specially created and tailored.
  • Minimum capital and operational costs.
  • Accessible and requiring little effort or space.
  • User-friendly.




ZLD is a significant step for us to reduce our overall water consumption, and ensure that wastewater is not dumped into the environment, because we have used this technology to significantly reuse and recycle waste water, in order to save groundwater consumption.


We are working hard to develop strategies that are environmentally responsible, and adhere to the circular economy model at our plant, so that we can preserve our natural resources for the future. Moving forward, we anticipate adopting ZLD technology in all of the manufacturing plants, to help create a more sustainable future.


Best Manufacturers and distributor of zero liquid discharge plants


Netsol is a pioneer in the creation and distribution of solutions, for the treatment of commercial and industrial wastewater.


We offer best-in-class ZLD plants with high performance and dependability, by collaborating with customers to comprehend their specific difficulties, and putting a priority on continual innovation. Using its fleet of mobile pilots, we provide extensive off-site and onsite testing services. For any other support, inquiries, or product purchases, call on +91-9650608473 or email at

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