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December 2, 2022by newebay020

An industrial reverse osmosis (RO) plant is a water treatment facility that uses the reverse osmosis process, to remove harmful compounds and pollutants from water. Here, the water with the higher concentration of dissolved ions is subjected to external pressure, which causes the water to pass through the semi-permeable membrane in the opposite direction.


Permeate, or well-treated product water, is the water that passes through the semi-permeable membrane. Reject, brine, or concentrate water is the term used to describe the water that is left behind the membrane, after the dissolved and suspended solids have been removed. The Industrial RO plant operates in this manner.


Cost of Industrial RO Plants


Industrial RO Plants come in two different configurations:


Completely automatic and semi-automatic


  • Higher water production rates are provided by fully automatic industrial RO plants. They are pneumatically and mechanically operated, providing accurate washing and filling.
  • Industrial RO plants that are semi-automatic require manual washing. The remaining tasks are all automatic.


In this blog, you will find all the information you require regarding, the price of different Industrial RO Plants.


  1. 250 LPH RO Plant


  • Usage: Small to medium-sized companies like food and beverage, textile, chemical, etc. will benefit greatly from the 250 LPH Industrial RO Plant.
  • Membrane: It has a composite thin film membrane.
  • Water production: 250 litres of water can be produced by it every hour.
  • Price: A typical 250 LPH RO plant costs around Rs. 85,000/-
  • Maintenance: It has an excellent performance and consumes little power.


  1. 500 LPH RO Plant


  • Usage: 500 LPH RO Plants are produced in accordance with industry standards, utilizing cutting-edge technology and best-in-class raw materials. They are perfect for use in small to medium-sized businesses, factories, hospitals, and industries for cleaning, production, and drinking water needs.
  • Membrane: The 300–350 square foot 500 LPH RO plant has six layers of filtration.
  • Water production: 500 litres of water can be produced by it every hour.
  • Price: 350 LPH RO plant of premium quality typically costs around Rs. 1,50,000/-
  • Maintenance: It can create safe water and has a water recovery rate of up to 95%. It uses little electricity and performs superbly. It is also sturdy and hassle-free to use.


3: Fully automatic Industrial RO plant


Netsol Water Solutions is engaged in offering a premium selection of Fully Automatic RO Treatment Plants, to meet the varied needs of the clients.


Features of Fully Automatic RO Plant

RO capacity 2000–3000 LPH
Price Rs. 1-2 lakhs/-
Automation grade Automatic
Type of purification plants Reverse Osmosis
Material Stainless Steel
Max water recovery rate 55–60%, 60–65%
Voltage 440 V
Installation type Complete civil work with installation
Treated Water Quality >10 TDS
Warranty 1 year
Plant accessories Chlorinator


4: 300- 1500 LPH RO Plant


Being a highly reputable company, we specialize in providing a large selection of 300 LPH-1500 LPH RO Plant.


Features of RO Plant

RO capacity 300 LPH-1500 LPH
Price Rs. 70,500/-
Automation grade Automatic
Type of purification plant Reverse Osmosis, Multi grade filter
Material FRP
Max water recovery rate 55-60 %, 50-55 %, 60-65 %
Voltage 220 V
Installation type Complete civil work with installation
Warranty 1 year
Frequency 50 Hz
Power source Electric


5: 10,000 LPH RO Plant


We specialise in providing a 10,000 LPH RO Plant range that has been quality-approved.


Features of RO Plant

RO capacity 10,000 LPH
Price 1.5-2.5 Lakhs
Automation grade Automatic
Type of purification plant Reverse Osmosis
Material Stainless steel
Max water recovery rate 60-65%
Voltage 440 V
Installation type Complete civil work with installation
Frequency 50 Hz
Warranty 1 year
Power source Electric


Why should you choose Netsol Water Solutions as your Industrial RO Plant manufacturer?


We are India’s top supplier and manufacturer of industrial RO systems. The modest and mostly industrial setting is best suited for the industrial water filter system. To satisfy the needs of our customers, we provide the best industrial RO plants.


Our solution is incredibly affordable and dependable for an industrial setting. As a commercial manufacturer, we are aware that you require the best systems available, at reasonable and competitive prices, which is why we collaborate with each of our clients to provide high-quality purification systems, at reasonable costs.


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