What are the benefits of a zero liquid discharge plant?

December 13, 2022by newebay020

Using a technical approach to water treatment known as Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD), all water is recovered and impurities are converted to solid waste. While, many water treatment technologies aim to enhance freshwater recovery and minimize waste, ZLD is the most difficult goal to achieve because recovery costs and difficulties rise, as wastewater concentrations rise.


In this method, the plant doesn’t release any liquid effluent into surface waters, effectively eradicating all associated environmental pollutants. In addition to this, a ZLD process effectively uses wastewater treatment, recycling, and reuse, which helps with water conservation by reducing the need for fresh water.


Let’s talk about some of the benefits of a zero liquid discharge plant.


Steps involved in Zero liquid discharge system


The following steps are involved in ZLD process:


  1. Pre-treatment


TSS (Total Suspended Solids), COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand), and turbidity are all reduced with pretreatment. Other wastewater treatment procedures can be utilized when the TSS, COD, and turbidity of treated wastewater have been removed or significantly reduced.


  1. Concentration


Reverse osmosis (RO), electrodialysis (ED), or a combination of RO and ED, are common membrane technologies used to concentrate dissolved solids in the ZLD system. We can recover more than 98% of the treated water with the use of ED technology, or the above-mentioned RO + ED combination.


  1. Thermal-treatment


The final step of the ZLD process, known as thermal treatment, typically consists of an evaporator and a crystallizer. Crystalline salts such as NaCl and Na2SO4 are produced as a result of this procedure.


These salts can be purchased to be processed further. Any useless solid waste is dumped to landfills under management. Condensate made from evaporated water can be used again.


Now, let’s discuss about the advantages of zero liquid discharge plant!


The use of zero liquid discharge plants as a significant wastewater management tactic, to decrease water pollution and increase water availability is expanding globally.


The principal advantages of ZLD are as follows:


  • The possibility of recovering resources from wastewater is a crucial justification for zero liquid discharge. Because, ZLD can sell the solids created or reuse them as part of their industrial process, some organisations target ZLD for their trash.


  • Whatever the organization’s reasons for aiming for zero liquid discharge, doing so indicates sound business practises, corporate accountability, and environmental stewardship.


  • Operating an internal ZLD plant can save disposal costs, increase water reuse, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from off-site trucking, which has a smaller negative impact on regional ecosystems and the climate.


  • Industrial effluent has severely contaminated many significant rivers, and many nations, like India, have established legislation requiring zero liquid discharge. The high costs of wastewater disposal at inland plants have pushed many countries towards zero liquid discharge.


  • It also enables maximum water recovery.


  • It produces a useful product for retail sales and additional processing.


  • Many environmental problems are resolved.


  • Decreases reliance on nearby water sources.


  • Significantly lowers the likelihood of punishment for discharged waste under the law.


Applications of zero liquid discharge plants


There are certain industrial applications of zero liquid discharge:


  • Breweries
  • Tanneries
  • Chemical
  • Paper industry.
  • Textile industry.
  • Power industry.
  • Petrochemical industry.


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