Top five commercial RO plant manufacturers in India

December 13, 2022by newebay020

As the world expands throughout time, a number of developments have occurred in recent years. The emergence of commercial RO water treatment plants is one example of a transformation. They play a significant role in many commercial buildings. The purpose of these plants is to filter and purify water. As a result, it may be used for both commercial and drinking reasons.

Now that the use of RO plants is so common now a days as we all know the benefits of having one, question lies who to trust when you think of purchasing an efficiently working RO for your commercial space. That is where Netsol works as a savior and guides you. Through this blog we have identified top five commercial RO plant manufacturers for you and here we go!

1.Netsol water solutions

Since 2012, the Noida-based company Netsol Water has provided commercial RO plants and various types of water filtration for businesses including hospitals, hotels, and educational institutions. Additionally, Netsol uses sophisticated equipment like sewage treatment plants and effluent treatment facilities to treat wastewater. Netsol provide solutions for the treatment of air pollution and green waste in addition to water and wastewater treatment. Netsol has a vast variety of solutions for issues with the environment in practically every field.


The industry leader in home appliances is Havells India Ltd. Given the present level of water contamination, Havells has created a remarkable selection of water purifiers with 100% RO and UV cleansing for the purest possible water. The water purifier comes in a two-tone hue with a backlit LED function display, has a modern appearance, and a digital interface. They have the top notch design for RO systems for your set ups.

Havells’ Operating Philosophy has placed social and environmental responsibility at the forefront, and as a result, the business consistently makes contributions to socially responsible initiatives.

  1. Eureka Forbes

The top health and hygiene brand in India was established in 1982 by the multi-product, multi-channel corporation Eureka Forbes Limited. One of the largest service networks in India exists there. They have been trading in water treatment goods for approximately 40 years.

Mumbai, India is home to the international consumer products business Eureka Forbes Limited. It sells equipment, vacuums, air purifiers, home security items, and devices for water purification.

4.The Aqua Fresh

Manufacturers of RO systems in addition to the specialty in UV water purification technology, they provide the newest and best water technologies available worldwide. They have their expertise is reverse osmosis, with capacities ranging from 10 litres per hour to more than 50 thousand. They invented the water purifier and brought direct selling to India. Since then, they have added channels to expand audience and better meet the demands of clients. Modern technology is used in RK AQUAFRESHINDIA products for the home to make activities easier, increase productivity, and shorten turnaround times. The extensive selection of goods provided by RK AQUAFRESHINDIA are distinguished by their exceptional personal touch and expert workmanship.

Why choose Netsol!

Pleasing Design: 

The Netsol RO water purifier system’s award-winning design and affordable price list in India make it the ideal solution to supply clean, safe water whenever and wherever it is needed, from the dinner table to your upcoming camping trip. You can be sure that the health of your family is our top priority.

Water which is free of Bacteria and Viruses:

Microorganisms, viruses and bacteria, are eliminated by Netsol RO UV Technology. Without user input, the water quality is automatically inspected. You get the real definition of water by using our RO systems.


We employ the most up-to-date and effective technology to meet the different requirements of commercial and home products, and we provide warranty on it. We also modify our water purifier machines in India in accordance with client requirements so that they receive 100% satisfaction and significant savings.

Customer satisfaction:

Most important to us is customer satisfaction which can be achieved only by valuing your  money and providing the best.

we only provide fantastic service and high-quality items at reasonable costs. For our clients, we offer customer service at +91-9650608473 or

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