STP and ETP plant manufacturer in Delhi The rapidly growing megacity of Delhi is dealing with significant challenges related to the management of its large amounts of sewage and industrial waste. With a population of nearly 30 million residents and a substantial industrial and commercial presence, the capacity for treating and safely disposing of waste is being stretched to its limits. This critical gap has led to the emergence of engineering firms that specialize in advanced sewage treatment plant manufacturer (STPs) and effluent treatment plants (ETPs). From multinational corporations to innovative local startups, STP and ETP manufacturer in Delhi are dynamic and constantly evolving. These providers offer customized solutions tailored to the unique needs of the capital region, covering municipal sewage management, industrial waste treatment, water reuse, and more.


In this blog, we will look into the key manufacturers, their technical expertise, and noteworthy projects in Delhi.


Need for Wastewater Treatment in Delhi

Despite being a modern metropolis, Delhi’s sewage treatment infrastructure has failed to keep pace with the increasing waste volumes. Currently, only around 60% of the 750 million gallons of sewage generated daily undergo treatment before being discharged into the Yamuna River and other water bodies.


The impacts have been catastrophic – the Yamuna’s ecology through Delhi is virtually destroyed by toxic effluent loads overwhelming its assimilation capacity. With groundwater heavily exploited, contamination of this precious resource further exacerbates Delhi’s water insecurity.


On the industrial effluent front, lack of proper treatment results in hazardous heavy metals, chemicals and other toxins entering drainage networks and eventually water bodies. This risks public health while impeding Delhi’s economic development due to environmental load restrictions. To address these compounding crises, the expansion of scientifically designed STP and ETP Plant Manufacturer in Delhi has become a key priority area for city planners and pollution regulators. Significant investments, along with the adoption of the latest treatment technologies, are the need of the hour.



Role of Netsol Water as a Leading STP and ETP plant manufacturer in Delhi:

Headquartered in the NCR, Netsol Water has rapidly risen as a prominent local provider focused on specialised wastewater treatment solutions tailored to Delhi’s landscape. Let’s examine the company’s key strengths and differentiators:


Comprehensive Solution Offerings: Unlike component suppliers, Netsol Water provides comprehensive engineering capabilities spanning process design, turnkey installation of STPs/ETPs, asset management, and operations and maintenance services.


This full lifecycle expertise allows for the execution of projects reliably while optimising TCO through standardisation and long-term asset health monitoring. Netsol Water also bundles specialised services like treatability studies, environmental compliance consulting and capability-building support for clients.


Diversified Project Experience: Netsol Water has built a diverse reference portfolio with over 100 treatment plants commissioned across Delhi NCR covering:


  • Decentralized Sewage Treatment for residential townships, institutions and commercial hubs
  • Industrial Effluent Treatment for sectors like automotive, food & beverage, speciality chemicals
  • Wastewater Recycling systems and Zero Liquid Discharge implementations


The experience spans deploying globally proven but locally optimised solutions like MBBR, MBR, UF/RO and electro-coagulation for challenging high-strength waste streams. Innovative solutions like forward osmosis and electro-oxidation processes are also available.


Focus on In-House Capabilities: Beyond technology selection and integration, Netsol Water has strategically developed strong in-house design, engineering and process modelling capabilities. This allows customising modular systems for specific project needs instead of following a “one-size-fits-all” approach.


Driving Sustainability and Water Reuse: In line with its core environmental stewardship philosophy, Netsol designs treatment solutions that are aligned with circular economy and sustainability principles. Approaches like energy-positive anaerobic digestion, resource recovery and maximising water recycling/reuse underpin the company’s implementations.



Delhi has a great opportunity to lead the way in transforming wastewater treatment within the national capital region, with increased support from state agencies, industries, and civil society. Innovative technology providers like Netsol are well-positioned as the leading STP and ETP plant manufacturers in Delhi to be partners in this transformation through localised treatment and circular economy solutions.


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