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Noida, the rapidly expanding industrial and IT hub adjoining Delhi, faces mounting pressures on its water and environmental infrastructure due to relentless economic growth. With increasing populations in residential townships combined with STP and ETP Plant Manufacturer in Noida facilities, the volumes of sewage and industrial effluents have increased. This has catalysed the rise of a vibrant ecosystem offering advanced treatment solutions through Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) and Effluent Treatment Plants (ETPs) plant manufacturer in Noida.


we explore STP and ETP Plant Manufacturer in Noida the major players enabling wastewater treatment transformations across Noida.


Noida’s Critical Challenges Driving STP/ETP Demand

Despite being a modern integrated township envisioned for the future, Noida’s infrastructure planning has struggled to keep pace with the explosive growth witnessed over the past two decades. The strains are clearly evident when it comes to sewage management:


  • Noida currently generates over 125 million litres of sewage daily but has a treatment capacity for just 87 MLD, leaving nearly 40% untreated flows.


  • Much of this raw sewage finds its way into the Hindon River via overflowing drains, contributing significantly to its deteriorating condition.


  • With high dependence on groundwater sources for domestic and industrial uses, aquifer contamination risks loom larger than ever before.


The situation on the industrial effluent front is equally concerning with major impacts:


  • Waste streams from engineering, automobiles, electronics, pharmaceuticals and textile sectors can contain heavy metals, solvents, dyes and other persistent pollutants.



  • With upcoming residential pockets and institutions in proximity, long-term public health hazards arise from exposure to contaminated water sources.


To mitigate these escalating environmental threats, Noida’s municipal authorities and industry bodies have prioritised commissioning advanced STP and ETP facilities. However, the implementations demand specialised expertise, which opens the doors for technology providers and system integrators.


Key Manufacturers of STP/ETP Plant Manufacturers in Noida

To capitalise on the growing opportunities, major technology providers have established a strong presence across Noida, serving both municipal and industrial client segments:


Netsol Water: This Indian multinational is a leading EPC player for STPs and ETPs using advanced aerobic and anaerobic treatment solutions. Netsol Water has also executed reuse plants and zero liquid discharge (ZLD) systems.


Ion Exchange: A pioneer in water and environment management solutions, Ion Exchange deploys cutting-edge technologies spanning TUFF reactors, membrane bio-reactors (MBRs), and high-recovery reverse osmosis (RO) systems.


Thermax Limited: This major energy and environmental solution provider has extensive experience handling some of the most complex industrial waste streams from sectors like refineries, petrochemicals, steel and others.


Triveni Engineering: A leading turnkey contractor, Triveni undertakes engineering, procurement and construction of screening systems, dewatering units, digester tanks and more for STP assets.


Netsol Water As a leading STP and ETP plant manufacturer in Noida

Netsol Water has rapidly built a reputation as a prominent local provider focused on advanced wastewater treatment, water reuse and sustainability solutions tailored for Noida’s residential and industrial landscape. Let’s highlight Netsol Water’s key differentiators and offerings:


Comprehensive Capabilities and Experience: Unlike component suppliers, Netsol Water acts as a one-stop solution provider undertaking process design and turnkey STP/ETP installations, including civil works, electrical & instrumentation, along with operations, maintenance and asset management services.


The company has commissioned numerous treatment plants spanning 100 MLD capacity covering a diverse array of segments:

  • Sewage treatment and recycled water production for townships, institutions and commercial hubs
  • Industrial effluent treatment for sectors like automotive, pharmaceuticals, food & beverage
  • Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) systems for hazardous effluent streams


In-house Technology Development & Integration: Netsol Water’s strategic advantage lies in its continuous R&D focus on developing locally optimised treatment solutions based on globally proven technologies. Key innovations being deployed include:


  • MBBR (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor) systems for efficient biological treatment
  • MBR (Membrane Bio-Reactor) technology producing reusable quality water
  • Ultrafiltration processes and Electro-oxidation for persistent contaminant removal
  • Forward osmosis and brine concentration approaches for near ZLD operation


The company extensively leverages digitalisation with IoT and automation for predictive asset analytics and reliable long-term performance.


Holistic and Sustainable Solutions: Beyond treatment technology itself, Netsol Water differentiates through a comprehensive lifecycle service portfolio. This includes upfront process design consultancy, feasibility assessments, as well as environmental compliance support.


Netsol Water advocates the Circular Economy model by promoting the recovery of precious water resources, energy capture and nutrient recycling from wastewater. This enables industrial clients to build sustainable operations while achieving cost efficiencies through solutions like Energy-Positive Anaerobic Digestion.



The comprehensive initiatives, including policy, technology, and governance reforms, have contributed to the development of Noida’s expanding wastewater treatment solutions. Specialized STP and ETP plant Manufacturer in Noida, like Netsol Water, with their innovative capabilities, local experience, and commitment to environmental stewardship, are well-positioned to lead this transformation.


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