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Faridabad, a powerful industrial and commercial city in Haryana along the Delhi-Agra corridor, has grown a lot in the past few decades. The city has expanded quickly with new residential areas, business centres, and industrial parks. This growth has strained the city’s infrastructure and environment. One big concern is how the city deals with sewage. Faridabad, with over 1.4 million people, produces a lot of sewage every day. If this sewage is not treated, it can harm the local water and environment. Even though there are some sewage treatment facilities, they are not enough to address the increasing amount of sewage. It’s important to urgently build more advanced sewage treatment plants across Faridabad using strong technologies.


we explore the sewage treatment plant manufacturer in Faridabad and how Netsol Water, a leading manufacturer, caters to the demand for STPs.


Why Faridabad Needs Centralized and Decentralized Sewage Treatment plant

Polluted River Bodies: The mighty Yamuna River, along with other tributaries like Agra Canal and Badkhal Lake, flow alongside Faridabad’s municipal limits. However, rampant discharge of untreated sewage through drains and nallahs have turned these water bodies into toxic dumping grounds devoid of aquatic life. Recent monitoring by HSPCB found BOD and coliform levels in Yamuna waters near Faridabad have crossed critical thresholds many times. Now Buy Our Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturer in Faridabad with cheap price.


Depleting Groundwater Tables: With only 35-40% of Faridabad being covered through the municipal water supply network, the rest of the population and industrial/commercial units have to depend on private borewells to extract groundwater. However, sewage leakages and percolation from unlined ponds/drains have severely contaminated the subsurface aquifers in many areas.


Environmental Degradation: Untreated sewage build-up across local drains and open grounds has led to a proliferation of disease vectors like mosquitoes and pathogens. The toxic sewage discharges have also severely degraded the ecological health of the Aravalli forests located in the city’s proximity.


Public Health Risks: With drinking water sources getting progressively contaminated, the city has witnessed a steady rise in incidents of water-borne diseases like cholera, diarrhoea, malaria and hepatitis over the years, placing strain on healthcare facilities.


Regulatory Obligations: Pollution control regulations mandate all cities and towns to have adequate sewage treatment facilities in place and enforce strict parameters for sewage discharge into water bodies. Non-compliance can attract punitive actions, including closure notices and heavy penalties.


The above drivers clearly underline the need for Faridabad to rapidly scale up its STP infrastructure, using decentralised and centralised treatment facilities servicing residential clusters, commercial hubs and industrial zones, respectively.


Role of Netsol Water as Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturer in Faridabad 

Netsol Water is an ISO 9001-certified leading provider of water and wastewater treatment solutions that has been around for over 2 decades. The company has a proven track record in conceptualising, designing, installing and commissioning sewage treatment plants using cutting-edge technologies backed by process design expertise and advanced manufacturing capabilities.


For the sewage treatment requirements of Faridabad spanning municipal and industrial sectors, Netsol Water is strategically positioned to offer robust and reliable STP solutions, including:


Range of Treatment Technologies:

  • Proprietary ISTP (Inclined Sewage Treatment Plant) models leveraging tube settler technology ensure higher hydraulic throughput in a compact footprint ideal for decentralised locations.
  • SBR (Sequencing Batch Reactor) STPs: Automated batch treatment process-based systems appropriate for mid-scale residential/industrial areas ensuring consistent treated water quality.
  • MBBR (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor) systems: Leveraging plastic biofilm carriers enables higher biomass concentration and enhanced nutrient removal capabilities suitable for large centralised plants.


Value-Added Capabilities:

  • Co-treatment of municipal sewage with suitable biodegradable industrial effluents within a common STP facility designed for nutrient optimization and energy efficiency.
  • Tertiary treatment modules: Integration of tertiary treatment processes like membrane bioreactors, ultra-filtration, ozonation, chlorination etc. to obtain treated water fit for recycling/reuse.
  • Sewage sludge management: Comprehensive solutions encompassing sludge thickening, dewatering, drying and biogas generation as well as safe solid disposal mechanisms.
  • Odor control systems: Installations like bio-filters, odour containment units and chemical scrubbing to prevent foul odour emissions near populated areas.


Proven Project Execution Capabilities:

From groundbreaking to commissioning, Netsol Water possesses demonstrated capabilities as a true turnkey solutions provider:


  • Concept to Design: Rigorous sewage characterisation, advanced process design simulations, hydraulic modelling and STP plant configurations customised as per influent/treated water parameters.
  • Civil Engineering: Dedicated structural engineering team for all civil construction works related to STP structures, networks and ancillary facilities following approved designs and quality norms.
  • Equipment Manufacturing: Over 70% of critical STP equipment, including clarifiers, aeration grids, tube settlers, decanters, etc., are manufactured in-house at Netsol Water’s advanced production facility.
  • System Automation: STP automation using PLCs, SCADA and IoT integration enabling remote monitoring, automated operation, optimised process controls and data analytics functions.
  • Performance Validation: Rigorous pre-commissioning checks, third-party inspections, pilot testing, and performance guarantee testing to validate that treated sewage meets discharge standards stipulated by pollution control authorities.


Post-Installation Services and Support

  • Performance Audits: Periodic on-site audits to evaluate STP performance, identify bottlenecks, develop optimisation strategies and track regulatory compliance status.
  • Preventive Maintenance: Customizable annual maintenance contracts covering periodic servicing, spare replacement, breakdown repairs and manpower training support from certified technicians.
  • Remote Monitoring: As an IoT-integrated STP plant, operations can be remotely tracked and optimised round-the-clock through cloud connectivity and online dashboards.
  • Plant Rejuvenation: Comprehensive retrofitting, upgradation and revamping services for ageing or underperforming STPs to augment treatment capacities and enhance process efficiencies.



The lack of adequate and robust sewage treatment plant manufacturer has severely dented Faridabad’s ecological sustainability. Sewage discharge-induced pollution of local water bodies, contamination of groundwater resources and recurring public health risks due to water-borne infections have constrained the city’s growth potential. Civic authorities simply cannot afford to delay further large-scale implementation of modern sewage treatment facilities servicing municipal, industrial and residential clusters across Faridabad.


This is where collaborating with a Sewage treatment plant manufacturer in Faridabad like Netsol Water can provide the much-needed energy. With proven technological capabilities and cross-functional expertise spanning concept to commissioning, Netsol Water is strategically positioned to be Faridabad’s ideal implementation partner for world-class STP infrastructure aligned with environmental norms. From decentralised compact units in residential areas to large centralised STPs with effluent co-treatment and sludge management, Netsol Water has a diverse solutions portfolio backed by turnkey execution proficiency, rigorous quality protocols and prompt after-sales service support.


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