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June 5, 2024by newebay02

Faridabad, strategically located along the Delhi-Agra industrial corridor, has emerged as a major manufacturing and commercial hub over the past few decades. The city is home to numerous industries spanning automobiles, textiles, pharmaceuticals, metal fabrication and more. However, this rapid industrial growth has given rise to a pressing environmental challenge. According to recent estimates, over 150 million litres per day (MLD) of industrial effluents containing high levels of toxicants, heavy metals, organic matter and solid wastes are being discharged in an unregulated manner from Faridabad. This has severely degraded the ecological health of the Yamuna River, Agra Canal and other tributaries in the region. With mounting pressure from regulatory authorities and local citizenry groups to enforce stringent anti-pollution norms, the adoption of robust effluent treatment plants (ETPs) has become imperative for Faridabad’s industries to attain environmental sustainability.

Let’s explore the need for ETPs, key treatment challenges and the role of an established Effluent treatment plant manufacturer in Faridabad like Netsol Water in providing cutting-edge solutions.


Effluent Pollution Crisis: An Overview of the Effluent treatment Plant  in Faridabad

Declining Surface Water Quality

The mighty Yamuna river flows along the northern periphery of Faridabad. Over time, unchecked discharge of industrial effluents laden with toxic contaminants, high biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), chemical oxygen demand (COD) and total dissolved solids (TDS) have turned the river waters into a virtual sewage stream devoid of any aquatic life. Recent water quality reports by the Haryana State Pollution Control Board indicate BOD levels in Yamuna near Faridabad have crossed 40mg/L, way beyond the safe limits.


Groundwater Contamination 

Given the porous soil properties and presence of industrial clusters situated away from the city’s main drainage networks, effluent percolation and leakages over the years have severely contaminated the underlying groundwater aquifers. Signs of heavy metal concentration, as well as hydrocarbons, have been detected in groundwater samples across certain localities in Faridabad, triggering public health concerns.


Non-Compliance Risks

As per the guidelines issued by the Central Pollution Control Board, all industries need to compulsorily treat their effluent discharges adhering to strict standards specified for parameters like pH, BOD, COD, TDS, heavy metals, etc, before letting the treated streams out into the environment. However, blatant violations and disregard by several factories devoid of proper ETPs have resulted in punitive actions like closure notices, hefty fines and even prosecution instances.


Degrading Ecology

The indiscriminate dumping of effluents has severely corroded Faridabad’s ecological balance, leading to loss of green cover, contamination of local drains/ponds and threatening the very existence of the Aravalli biodiversity zone situated along the city’s periphery. Lack of effluent management has also created a public health hazard by increasing the prevalence of water-borne diseases across certain localities. To curb these detrimental impacts and enforce environmental compliance, Faridabad’s industrial sector requires collaboration with credible and established effluent treatment plant manufacturer providers to adopt world-class treatment facilities.


Role of Netsol Water as an Effluent treatment plant manufacturer

Netsol Water is an ISO 9001:2015 certified organisation ranked among India’s leading manufacturers of industrial and municipal water/wastewater treatment systems. With over 2 decades of global experience of several successful installations, including ETPs, the company possesses core competencies including:


Advanced Treatment Technologies

  • Containerized Plug-and-Play ETPs: Compact skid/containerised models for SMEs with 24×7 automated operations requiring minimal manpower
  • MBR ETPs: Cutting-edge membrane bio-reactor technology for effluent reuse, paving the way for zero liquid discharge operations
  • Conventional and Advanced Oxidation ETPs: Multi-stage treatment encompassing screening, neutralisation, coagulation, and chemical oxidation for targeted contaminant elimination


Value-Added Offerings

  • Evaporators/Crystallizers: High-efficiency thermal systems to handle concentrated waste streams and achieve zero liquid discharge compliance
  • Tertiary Treatment: Integration of processes like ultra-filtration, activated carbon filters, ozone generators, etc., for effluent polishing and potential reuse applications
  • Automation and IoT: PLC/SCADA automation, along with IoT integration, allows remote monitoring, process optimisation and automated CIP solutions


Robust Implementation Expertise 

  • In-House Manufacturing: Over 80% of critical ETP equipment like clarifiers, filter presses, and inclined plate settlers are manufactured in-house as per stringent quality protocols
  • Turnkey Services: Cross-functional engineering teams for concept, process design, CAD, manufacturing, installation, civil works and commissioning
  • Regulatory Compliance: Guaranteed performance validation ensuring discharge parameters consistently meet CPCB/SPCB standards for zero non-compliance risks
  • AMC and Remote Monitoring: Annual maintenance contracts covering repairs, and consumables while 24×7 remote monitoring enables predictive maintenance routines


Meeting Faridabad’s Diverse Effluent Treatment Plant Requirements 

With a diverse range of treatment technologies combined with world-class process design and manufacturing capabilities, Netsol Water is well-positioned to serve as a reliable Effluent treatment plant manufacturer in Faridabad industrial sector spanning:


Automobile Sector: For effluents from machining, paint/plating shops containing heavy metals, oils/grease – deploying conventional physicochemical treatment trains.


Textile Sector: For segregated/combined effluent streams from dyeing, printing, etc. Netsol Water provides optimal sizing of biological/membrane/AOP solutions using piloting studies.


Pharmaceutical Sector: For pharma effluents with high COD/TDS, solutions coupled with tertiary RO/Evaporator stages for potential ZLD compliance.


Chemical Sector: Advanced oxidation ETPs with robust reactor configurations designed for handling fluctuating organic/inorganic loads generated from batch processes


Centralised Solutions: For industrial clusters, planning and implementing centralised ETPs with conveyance networks leveraging combo technologies like MBBR/MBR


Netsol Water’s field-proven expertise extends to executing complete turnkey ETP projects right from concept to commissioning while ensuring industries achieve 100% environmental regulatory compliance.



Given the increasing industrial pollution in Faridabad’s water, it’s important for industrial units to invest in better effluent treatment. Netsol Water, playing the role of Effluent treatment plant manufacturer in Faridabad, offers cost-effective ETP technologies to treat different effluent streams. Netsol Water offers advanced solutions for treating wastewater. Their services include process design, implementation, and monitoring for optimal plant performance. Netsol Water also provides support for sustainable operations, compliance with regulations, and zero liquid discharge.


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