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The historic city of Jodhpur faces significant challenges related to water scarcity. With a population of over 1.3 million residents, managing the large volumes of sewage generated each day is a formidable task. Compounded by the region’s unique challenges, such as high salinity, water stress, and land constraints, finding effective sewage treatment solutions is crucial not only for safeguarding public health but also for preserving Jodhpur’s delicate desert ecology. In response to these challenges, innovative companies like Netsol Water have emerged, providing customised sewage treatment plants designed to address the specific needs of Jodhpur. Netsol Water has rapidly become a leading name as a Sewage treatment plant manufacturer in Jodhpur. What sets them apart is their core focus on developing advanced technologies optimised for water-scarce and extreme environments like the Thar Desert region.we explore Sewage treatment plant manufacturer in Jodhpur.


So, how exactly is Netsol Water tackling Jodhpur’s unique sewage treatment challenges? Let’s take a closer look:


Handling High TDS Influent

 One of the biggest hurdles in sewage treatment for desert cities like Jodhpur is the excessive presence of dissolved salts and minerals (measured as high Total Dissolved Solids or TDS) in the influent sewage. Conventional treatment methods struggle to handle such hypersaline feed, resulting in sub-par treated water quality. Netsol Water’s team of experts has specifically engineered compact Sewage Treatment Plant manufacturer (STPs) tailor-made for high TDS scenarios. Using advanced technologies like membrane bioreactor (MBR) and specialised membrane filtration, their systems consistently produce high-quality treated sewage that meets stringent TDS norms for safe reuse applications. Best offer you can buy now Sewage treatment plant manufacturer in Jodhpur.


Maximizing Water Recovery and Enabling Zero Liquid Discharge

With freshwater resources being precious and scarce in the desert regions, maximising water recovery from sewage for reuse applications is a top priority for Netsol Water. Their cutting-edge STPs are designed to recover up to 90% of the treated sewage output, drastically reducing liquid discharge. The recovered water meets all regulatory norms for non-potable reuse in applications like landscaping, agriculture, industrial processes and more. This approach helps ease the load on Jodhpur’s limited freshwater supplies while enabling zero liquid discharge (ZLD) for sustainable sewage management. Hurry up Buy Now Sewage treatment plant manufacturer in Jodhpur.


Compact and Modular Sewage Treatment plant Manufacturer in Jodhpur

Land is a constrained resource in urban areas of Jodhpur, making large conventional STP set-ups challenging to implement. Netsol Water has tackled this issue head-on by developing compact, modular sewage treatment systems with a small footprint and plug-and-play installation.  Their range includes decentralised STPs from 100 KLD to 500 KLD capacity as well as rapidly deployable mobile sewage treatment units perfect for remote locations. These containerised treatment plants can be set up within a week, minimising civil work and project delays.

Automation and IoT Integration for Efficient Remote Operations

Automating sewage treatment operations is key to ensuring efficiency and minimising manpower requirements, something that is invaluable in remote desert areas. Netsol Water has embraced cutting-edge automation and IoT by integrating its STPs with smart PLC controls, remote monitoring capabilities, automated sensors and data analytics. Using the latest technology is one of the main factors that helped Netsol Water establish its name as a leading Sewage treatment plant manufacturer in Jodhpur. These intelligent systems enable autonomous operations with real-time tracking of plant performance and predictive maintenance schedules. Operators can monitor and control the treatment processes remotely without the need for manual interventions, reducing operational complexities.



As water sustainability becomes a bigger priority for desert cities like Jodhpur, having reliable local partners like Netsol Water providing customised, easy-to-implement sewage treatment and reuse solutions is set to play an instrumental role in the years ahead. By continually innovating and optimising their systems to handle Jodhpur’s unique challenges, Netsol Water is truly leading the way in addressing Thar’s wastewater issues and has marked its name as a leading Sewage treatment plant manufacturer in Jodhpur.


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