Does a sewage treatment plant need a drainage field?

December 13, 2022by newebay021

Security of water, food, and energy is becoming a critical concern of many developing countries, including India. The majority of rivers and canals are contaminated and have moderate to severe water shortages, as a result of the simultaneous effects of agricultural expansion, industrialisation, and urbanisation. A significant point source of pollution is sewage.


After necessary treatment, wastewater and low-quality water are becoming potential sources for demand control. Therefore, it is possible to consider sewage as a source of water that can be used for a number of advantageous purposes, such as ground water recharge through the surface storage of treated water or rain/flood water in an open reservoir.


In addition to this, decentralized treatment of sewage is advised to decrease significant costs, and is associated as a variety of procedures that eliminate water pollutants, to safeguard both the environment and people.


Is a drainage field necessary for a sewage treatment plant?


If you’re considering installing a sewage treatment plant, you might be asking if you also need a drainage field!


In India, both residential and business premises employ sewage treatment plants, to process wastewater safely and effectively. Additionally, properties can process their own water without relying on the city’s sewage system, thanks to sewage treatment facilities and septic tanks.


Processing and recycling wastewater is not only good for the environment, but it can also save money because there are no sewage costs.


Let’s find out why sewage treatment plant require a drainage field


A drainage field, also known as soakaway, is a network of pipes that are buried in trenches to allow effluent to drain to the ground. It is a sizable, coarse-stoned pit sunk into the ground.


The field needs to be built in such a way that aerobic digestion can be used to treat the effluent. To ensure aerobic contact, it must be built in the top 700–800 mm of the soil for it to function well. By gathering surplus surface water, purifying it further, and allowing it to slowly flow back into the environment in a controlled manner, drainage fields are used to manage excess waste. For residences and businesses not connected to the main sewage system, a drainage field is a way to filter wastewater before releasing it into the ground.


Need of a drainage field


However, the water discharged from the sewage treatment plant or a septic tank, is primary treated effluent, which means it has only undergone one level of treatment. It still smells bad and is dangerous to the environment, when it is released from the tank.


Therefore, before it can be safely released into the environment, water from a sewage treatment plant needs to go through additional treatment, and cleaning in a soakaway or drainage field.


Can a drainage field get blocked?


The improper things could clog your drainage field if you flush them down the toilet, and down the drain into your sewage treatment facility or a septic tank. Wipes, diapers, cotton swabs, and other objects can all obstruct a drainage field.


Obtain professional advice about drainage field utilization after STPs


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You can always rely on us to assist you in choosing the best product for your needs, and to support your project from installation to system maintenance, all while ensuring that you adhere to all applicable legal and environmental regulations.


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