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The area around Ghaziabad city has seen a lot of new homes and businesses being built in the past 20 years. This growth is because of the overflow of people and businesses from Delhi. Ghaziabad has become a city connected to the National Capital Region. This has created new chances for people. But, it has also led to big problems with dealing with more and more sewage and waste from businesses. Meeting these wastewater treatment demands calls for robust sewage treatment plants (STPs) and effluent treatment plants (ETPs) to be implemented across Ghaziabad. This has catalysed the rise of an ecosystem of specialised engineering and technology providers catering to municipalities, real estate developers, and manufacturing units.

Let’s explore the rapidly evolving landscape for STP and ETP solutions in this industrial hub.


Need for Wastewater Treatment in Ghaziabad

Ghaziabad’s population now exceeds 4.7 million residents, with projections indicating it will cross 8 million by 2030. This unrelenting urbanisation has brought enormous challenges surrounding water supply, sewage disposal and environmental remediation to the forefront.   On the domestic sewage front, Ghaziabad currently has four municipal STPs with a cumulative treatment capacity of just 174 MLD (million litres per day). With discharges already estimated at over 277 MLD, over 100 MLD of untreated sewage finds its way into the Hindon River. For rivers like Yamuna passing through Delhi’s fringes, feeder streams originating from Ghaziabad are a major contamination source.


In parallel, industrial activity ranging from electronics manufacturing to automobile ancillaries to textile operations substantially adds to effluent volumes. Lacking proper treatment, these waste streams laden with heavy metals, chemicals and other toxins directly threaten local groundwater resources.  Recognising the severity of these threats, both state pollution control boards and municipal bodies have prioritized rapid expansion of STP and ETP infrastructure across Ghaziabad through policy measures incentivizing investments.


STP & ETP Plant Manufacturer In Ghaziabad

To service the growing demand, an array of engineering firms and technology providers have stepped in offering specialised treatment solutions and services tailored for Ghaziabad’s landscape. This localised supply ecosystem encompasses:


  • Turnkey EPC contractors for large municipal/township STP projects
  • OEM suppliers of treatment process equipment and modules
  • Decentralized compact STP vendors for institutions and societies
  • Technology licensors for advanced treatment systems
  • Engineering consultants for process design and system integration
  • Asset management and operations/maintenance service providers


This enables developers to adopt customised treatment methodologies optimised for land constraints, effluent characteristics, resource recovery objectives and budgets.


The diversity of manufacturers fosters continuous innovation, competitive pricing, and comprehensive post-installation support, which were lacking earlier. System integrators further smoothen implementation complexities, allowing faster turnarounds.


Assessing Leading STP/ETP Manufacturers in Ghaziabad

A mix of national and regional engineering firms have established footholds offering their services portfolio across STP and ETP verticals in Ghaziabad:


Netsol Water: This Indian multinational is a leading EPC player undertaking large STP/ETP projects. It offers customised solutions for municipal and industrial applications spanning segments like pharmaceuticals, refineries, etc.


Thermax Ltd: Focusing on the industrial sector, Thermax executes turnkey plants for high-complexity waste streams like refinery effluents through special separation, oxidation and membrane systems.


Triveni Engineering: This player undertakes composite civil, mechanical and electrical works for sewage treatment assets, including screening, biotreatment and dewatering units.


Ion Exchange: Among the pioneers providing diverse treatment technologies, Ion Exchange caters to wide-ranging STP/ETP needs using advanced reactors, RO systems and ZLD concepts.


Netsol Water – Plant Manufacturer in Ghaziabad

Headquartered in the NCR and having completed multiple projects spanning Ghaziabad, Netsol Water has rapidly emerged as a homegrown provider of specialised STP and ETP solutions for the region. Let’s examine the company’s presence and differentiated value propositions:


Diverse Reference Portfolio Across Segments:

Netsol Water’s engineering expertise and process knowledge allow serving multiple client segments in Ghaziabad spanning:


  • Sewage/effluent treatment for industrial townships and clusters
  • Decentralized STPs for institutions, commercial properties and residential societies
  • Specialized effluent treatment for metal finishing, electroplating and textile units
  • Water recycling and zero liquid discharge systems for manufacturing units


Over 100 million litres per day capacity plants have been commissioned, including modular prefabricated plants for rapid deployment in constrained spaces.


In-House Technology Development:

What sets Netsol Water apart is its strategic focus on continual R&D efforts to evolve differentiated treatment technology platforms. Working closely with academic partners, the company has adapted and tropicalised globally proven processes like:


  • MBBR (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor) systems
  • MBR (Membrane Bioreactor) technologies
  • Electro-oxidation and ultrafiltration processes
  • Evaporation and forward osmosis for zero liquid discharge


By incorporating Internet of Things (IoT) and automation, the company enables efficient asset management, remote monitoring and predictive maintenance for its installations.


Emphasis on Holistic Service Delivery:

Going beyond traditional technology supply approaches, Netsol Water provides comprehensive lifecycle services spanning:


  • Techno-commercial feasibility evaluation
  • Piloting, process modelling and system simulations
  • Design engineering for process, instrumentation, electrical and automation
  • Turn-key construction, including civil/structural works
  • Operations, maintenance and manpower training


This allows the development of localised wastewater recycling and sustainability roadmaps while optimising long-term asset ownership costs for clients.


Promoting Sustainability and the Circular Economy:

In line with its mission of environmental stewardship, Netsol Water has advocated a fundamental shift towards the ‘Circular Economy’ for industrial clients. Its solutions are engineered to promote resource recovery with approaches such as:


  • On-site wastewater reuse and recycling, eliminating off-site discharge
  • Capturing energy and nutrients embedded in waste streams
  • Minimizing waste footprints by maximising recyclable byproduct recovery


This not only aligns with sustainability goals but delivers compelling business cases through operational cost savings, de-risking water supply vulnerabilities and augmenting revenue streams.



With increasing awareness and growing commitments from stakeholders in government, industries, and civil society, Ghaziabad is at a turning point. It has the potential to lead the way in comprehensive wastewater management solutions that promote sustainability and water security for the region. Specialized Sewage Treatment Plants STP and ETP manufacturers in Ghaziabad, like Netsol Water, will drive this transformative change through localized innovations in the coming years.


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