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Faridabad is an important industrial hub located in the state of Haryana, just outside Delhi. As industries have flourished here, the need for proper treatment of sewage and industrial effluents has grown. This is where sewage treatment plants (STPs) and effluent treatment plants (ETPs) come into the picture. These specialised facilities ensure that domestic wastewater and industrial discharge don’t end up polluting the local water bodies and environment.

Several STP and ETP plant manufacturers in Faridabad supply cutting-edge STPs and ETPs to handle this critical requirement. we are going to explore one such STP and ETP plant manufacturer in Faridabad serving the city.


Why Does Faridabad Need STP and ETP Plants?

Rapid Urbanization and Population Growth

Faridabad’s population has rapidly increased in recent decades because of its proximity to Delhi and the industrial/real estate boom. The growing population has resulted in increased sewage that requires proper treatment before disposal.


Thriving Industrial Sector


Faridabad houses a wide array of industries, including machinery, electronics, automotive components, chemicals, textiles, etc. All these factories generate toxic effluents laden with heavy metals, dyes, oils and other pollutants that require specialised treatment.


Stringent Environmental Regulations


With rising consciousness about environmental protection, regulatory bodies like the Pollution Control Board have instituted strict norms for sewage and effluent discharge standards. STP/ETP installation has become mandatory for residential and industrial projects.


Water Scarcity and Recycling Needs


Like most parts of north India, Faridabad faces challenges related to water scarcity. Recycling treated wastewater through advanced STPs and ETPs provides an alternative sustainable water source for non-potable uses.


Key STP and ETP Manufacturer in Faridabad

Netsol Water

A pioneering name offering high-efficiency activated sludge process-based STPs and moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR) ETPs using cutting-edge technology.


Triveni Water Treatment Systems

Specializing in design and supply of zero liquid discharge (ZLD) ETPs for full effluent recycling, Triveni provides custom-engineered solutions for diverse industrial sectors.


Ion Exchange (India)

Ion Exchange leverages its rich experience to manufacture energy-efficient sewage recycling and industrial RO Plant Manufacturer.



A leading player offering STPs, ETPs and ZLD systems employing robust technologies like membrane bioreactors and deionisation for top-grade treated water recovery.


Role of Netsol Water as a leading STP and ETP plant manufacturer in Faridabad

Netsol Water has gained national approval for its innovative and high-quality sewage/effluent treatment plants. Here’s why Netsol stands out:


Customized Solutions

Netsol Water engineers each STP/ETP tailored to the specific site conditions, influent characteristics and desired treated water parameters/standards. This ensures optimal efficiency.


Process Innovations

Netsol Water incorporates advanced technologies like MBBR, sequential batch reactors (SBRs), membrane separation, ozonation, etc., to achieve superior treatment outcomes using modular, scalable systems.


Automatic Operation

Their STPs and ETPs are designed for unmanned automatic operation using rugged instrumentation and robust control systems for hassle-free functioning.


Water Recycling Focus

Netsol  Water specialises in sewage recycling and zero liquid discharge treatment that enables clients to reuse processed water streams for gardening, flushing, cooling towers, etc. – reducing freshwater demand.


Turnkey Execution

From design and manufacturing to complete civil/mechanical installation and commissioning, Netsol Water provides end-to-end turnkey services to residential societies, industries and municipal bodies.


Strong Service Network

Even after project handover, Netsol Water’s pan-India service team ensures prompt resolution of issues and preventive maintenance to maximise STP/ETP lifecycle.



Faridabad’s escalating sewage and industrial effluent volumes pose a major environmental threat that mandates the installation of efficient treatment facilities. Several manufacturers based here offer turnkey STP and ETP solutions incorporating sophisticated processes for reliable, regulatory-compliant treatment and water recovery. A leading STP and ETP plant manufacturer in Faridabad, Netsol Water provides intelligently engineered customised plants for municipal bodies, industries and residential projects. With strong capabilities in process design, project execution and lifecycle service support combined with their passion for innovation, Netsol Water empowers clients to establish world-class wastewater treatment assets.


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