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Jodhpur, the second-largest city in Rajasthan, is a major industrial hub. Many companies operate here, making products like textiles, processed foods, and handicrafts. As these businesses grow, they need large amounts of clean water for their operations. However, the ground and surface water in Jodhpur often contains dissolved salts, minerals, and other impurities. This makes the water unsafe for use in factories and production processes. To solve this problem, commercial RO (reverse osmosis) plant manufacturers have come to Jodhpur. They install advanced water treatment systems that can purify water for industrial use.

This blog discusses these Commercial RO plant manufacturer in Jodhpur.


Why Jodhpur Needs Commercial RO Plants

There are three main reasons why commercial RO plants are essential for Jodhpur’s industries:


1) Water Scarcity

Jodhpur is located in the Thar Desert region of Rajasthan, where fresh water is scarce. Groundwater levels are declining yearly due to excessive usage and low rainfall. The available groundwater often has high salinity levels, making it unfit for drinking or industrial purposes without treatment.


2) Range of Water-Intensive Industries

Many of Jodhpur’s major industries like textile processing, dairy production, beverage manufacturing and metal works require huge amounts of purified water daily. Normal municipal supply cannot meet their specialized needs for contaminant-free process water.


3) Stringent Quality Standards

Sectors like food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics etc. have very strict norms for the purity of water used in manufacturing. Even traces of dissolved salts, microbes or chemicals can degrade product quality and violate regulatory compliance. RO plants ensure these high-purity water specifications are met consistently.


Netsol Water’s Advanced RO Plants

Among the commercial RO plant manufacturers in Jodhpur, Netsol Water stands out for its cutting-edge technology and sustainable solutions. Their RO plants use specialised membranes to remove even microscopic contaminants like heavy metals, pesticides, and microplastics from the water. The pre-treatment sections are customised based on the raw water quality to ensure the RO membranes work optimally and have a long lifecycle. The treated water meets or exceeds the most stringent quality norms for industrial use.


Water Recycling and Cost Savings

An innovative aspect of Netsol Water’s RO plants is the high water recovery rate of 75-90%. This means most of the purified water is recovered as product water rather than rejected as waste. The concentrated reject stream can be further treated and reused in non-critical applications.


Such water recycling minimizes the total water input required as well as the wastewater discharge volume. This translates into significant cost savings for client industries through lower water procurement, discharge fees and associated operating expenses.


End-to-End Solutions and Service

Netsol Water doesn’t just supply commercial RO plants but provides a comprehensive solution approach. Their engineers study the client’s water quality reports and process needs in-depth to design customised RO plants. They offer turnkey installation, commissioning, and operator training services. Their customer support team is available 24/7 to troubleshoot any issues and ensure uninterrupted system performance. Netsol also offers annual maintenance contracts, periodic membrane cleaning and timely replacements to maximise the RO plant’s operational lifecycle.



The rapid industrial development in Jodhpur has increased the demand for reliable, high-purity water supply solutions. Commercial RO plant manufacturers in Jodhpur have become indispensable partners for local businesses in meeting this need sustainably. As a leading manufacturer, Netsol Water enables industries to overcome water scarcity and quality challenges through its advanced RO technology. Its water-recycling approach helps optimise costs and minimise the environmental impact. With a combination of top-notch products, customised offerings and comprehensive services, Netsol Water is well-positioned to support Jodhpur’s industries in their pursuit of growth while promoting responsible water stewardship.


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