What Is The Role Of Water In Nature?

October 27, 2023by newebay020

The major role Water plays is nature is to sustain life on our planet Earth . It can be varying from supporting flora-fauna growth along with its development including us as humans on ground surface , to help animal species to live in it , from granting various beings(including insects , amphibians , fishes etc.) as a platform for mating/breeding , even to provide nutrients & minerals to the water species living inside .So lets discuss what is the role of water in nature.

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We humans are now very much aware about the essentiality of water(which exists as a finite resource) not only to the Human Beings but also to the flora & fauna revolving around them playing a very vital role in the natural eco-system .

Water for human body assimilation & processes :

Water as a drinking & consumption purpose not only performs & completes each & every requirements human body parts but also take part in the assimilating courses/processes engaged within human body to sustain .

For a proper working & operations , body repairing processes & excretion in humans along with the flora-fauna, this only water encompasses a critical role as  almost each & every mechanism occurring inside body including  the chemical biological & physical processes depends on the supporting system of water.

Water is Sustaining & maintaining Life as well as other aspects of the nature in this Planet :

Water supports in maintaining balancing the food chain between humans , animals & plants .

Hydrological Cycle also known by the term “Water Cycle” holds to be a vital natural phenomenon occurring in the natural atmospheric eco-system that helps in maintaining & retaining water throughout the atmosphere .

Since, it’s a naturally occurring phenomenon this cycle is never biasing, it is prevalent to every beings on this Earth including plants .

Water cycle not only limited to maintaining water rather it supports & helps in transporting various nutrients , pathogens , planktons & sediments etc . eventually leading towards a balanced ecological system.

It have positive effects on the rejuvenation of rivers. Water for the environment/eco-system promotes the health of the river-streams , allowing it to meet human as well as flora-fauna requirements nearby .

Importance Of Water:

As the water rolls down the origin place & later flows into the flood-plains , carbons & its footprints are released  in an unconfined manner, energizing the food web & chain . Underwater Eco-system , Fish breeding & mobility is triggered by river waves & oscillations .

An idiomatic expression with an importance of water : “Jal hi Jeevan hai” which translates as “Water is Life!” . This idiomatic statement critically & without any doubt acclaims that without water no species/creature on this planet earth can survive/respire .

Water for Humans as well as other flora-fauna can be termed as an “Adam’s Ale” . Every flora-fauna surviving whether on surface or within water are in desperate need of water to grow, process , respire , develop , etc in every aspects in their life .

And if the water gets polluted naturally due to some reasons like Eutrophication & they don’t have that access to the fresh water, it’s going to affect their life and ultimately affecting the natural environment eco-system deeply .

Disturbing the eco-system by the means of industrial activities induced by the humans and their advancing technology is now like a trend .

Since, we being an aware & woke-up citizen of this planet , must pledge to conserve & protect water in whatever way possible whether engraving modern world technologies like the Reverse Osmosis , along with various waste water treatments systems like Sewage Treatment Plants(STPs) or Effluent Treatment Plant(ETPs) etc.

Being an aware individual, with the help & support of various Environment Conserving Warriors as well as authorities regarding protecting Nature , we can save our planet to an utmost possible position retaining sustainability in every field .

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