What Chemical Is Used In RO Membrane Cleaning?

October 20, 2023by newebay020

Notably, the chemical utilized in RO membrane cleaning are of various types. Most of them possess the ability of cleaning the membrane to its best. Some of the most commonly utilized  chemical maybe citric acid , oxalic acid.

On a larger scale RO plants either commercial RO or an Industrial RO, these mentioned chemicals are less prioritized as more efficient level chemical are employed in the RO membrane cleaning there which we will be discussing in this blog.

So, let’s explore more into details about the very efficient water treatment process that is Reverse Osmosis(RO) before any further talk about chemical utilized for membrane cleaning :

Reverse osmosis(RO) is a  process of water filtration & dis-infection that removes  impurities like chlorine , salt , & sediments  from drinking water using a semi-permeable membrane(synthetic liner) that is im-permeable to most molecules .

Reverse osmosis(RO) may get rid of germs as well as pollutants & sediments , which is something you definitely don’t want to  drink . It totally convert water down to the molecular level , resulting in only pure H2O .

Reverse osmosis, frequently said RO is a layer/film-membrane based distillation-filtration-disinfection technique/process that is utilized marvelously for the de-salination & purification of water.

Water Treatment plants provide the best industrial and commercial ro plants at affordable price.

A High-pressure Pump- an integral part of the RO system :

A high-pressure  pump is utilized as an integral part in the Reverse Osmosis(RO) process to constantly convey/deliver pressure to the feeder straits/channels.

The supplied stream is split into brine(or reject) stream , which has a high concentration of dissolved salts, & ‘ permeate ‘ stream , which has a low concentration of dissolved salts .

This dissolved salts causes problem to the RO system while elevates the process of scaling as well as deposition on the membranes but also increasing the pH, creating foul smells also giving rise to microbes growth which again gets deposited on the membrane films & clog the pores & hence hinders the performing capability to utmost .

In order to prevent this damages occurring to the RO membranes from happening, this finest innovative process RO where living humans can get purest form of drinking water &  industries getting clean perfect water for their business commerces , many chemical are being employed in the process of reverse osmosis .

The world must be made aware of this technique of Reverse Osmosis (RO) which has revolutionized the world of water engraving water sustainability for our Beautiful Earth .

There’s a vast range of high performing chemicals utilized in the process of Reverse Osmosis which are membrane cleaners &  RO detergents , Scale Inhibitors , Biocides, anti-scalants , anti-foulants, de-chlorinators , also flocculants(in order to accumulate substances into flocs)  , among these we will talk about about the major ones with their dosing systems :

Infusing/Dosing with Sodium Meta-Bi-Sulphite(SMBS) :

To neutralize the free chlorine in the water, sodium meta-bi-sulfite was dosed online .If there are any traces of free  chlorine in the water , an Oxidation & Redox Potential(ORP) analysis will expose/reveal them & will discard/abandon the water if any are discovered .

An Sodium Meta-Bi-Sulphite(SMBS) dosing pump , SMBS solution tank, & typical accessories make up an SMBS dosing unit .

All oxidizing/tarnishing elements from the water must be eliminated/purged out before they enter RO membranes . A reducing agent called Sodium Meta-Bi-Sulphite(SMBS) lets out any chlorine residue that remains after UltraFiltration .

Acid Dosing System:

Acid dosing technique is offered to address the bicarbonates in the water , avoid the membrane from forming scale , & lower the Langelier slit index .

This method utilizes an electronic metering pump to administer the dosage. A solution tank, dosing pump , & common  accessories make up an anti-scalant dosage device .

Anti-scalants Anti-Foulants dosing/injecting :

To prevent salt precipitation at high pressures & to keep the salts that cause hardness in suspension, antiscalant is dosed in the feed of the reverse osmosis system.

The tank from where infusion or dosing of anti-scaling/anti-fouling chemical takes place & also the dosing pump, supports in the dosing process. This dosing method is offered to prevent the RO membrane from scaling as a result of the high levels of hardness & silica in raw water.

This system utilizes an electronic metering pump to administer the dosage. The Anti-scalant Dosing Unit is made up of an Anti-scalant Solution Tank & an Anti-scalant Dosing Pump which also to some extent supports as an anti-foulants .

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