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October 19, 2023

Water crisis resulting water scarcity has grown into a collective Earth’s issue with the nations where only ample water resources available . So let’s discuss what india is doing for its upcoming water crisis. All creatures is born of water; all of them are sustained/surviving by water. When this water-well will dry, we will know the worth of water. It’s not too late to prevent this crisis of Water world.

Water is immensely valuable asset/resources for any creature on our planet Earth. So, it must be utilized very efficiently as its conservation as well as its preservation is very crucial in today’s world. Water can be protected & preserved anywhere if individuals are aware of its methods, in any place even if you are inside your home or while working/moving outside.

Responsible humans, being aware of the facts & values what water possess on this planet notably regulating body temperature , blood vessels flexibility , & various normal cellular  developments & activities .

In general, humans do need water but also all other living creatures on this planet somehow dependent on water for their survival.

On the contrary , numerous numbers of animals getting  extinct or are on the verge of extinction because water-related resources are not available at the moment to them to stay alive &  leading them to get extinct or die .

Sadly , water -scarcity developing within & spreading like a wildfire becoming a worldwide problem , resulting  in water conservation being the sole responsibility of water sustainability than ever .

Cause to climate change happening due to rising human activities has led to ozone layer depletion which in turn resulting in Global Warming .

Global Warming is a frightening issue rising high all over our planet. Melting down of Glaciers(freshwater source in the frozen form which possess as a threat of flooding plains if all melts down). Water treatment plants is the best provider of sewage treatment plants & effluent treatment plants.

With this growing human population in India, rising activities leading pollution have even moved towards up-gradation of technologies in every field India leading its industries with.  So lets discuss what india is doing for its upcoming water crisis.

This awareness of avoiding this crisis of water in India for the world of water, followed by few of the modern world advanced stage water management techniques to help prevent this crisis follows :

Rainwater Harvesting :

Rainwater assembling/collection is an extremely effective technique/way of conserving/saving natural water & recharging groundwater levels .

Rain water is assorted/collected & allowed to percolate/seep into a deep pit or reservoir in this technique of water-conservation , where it seeps down & increases the groundwater table .

Water Metering :

Installing water meters & measuring the quantity of water used in residential & business facilities is another effective means of reducing water waste.

The amount of water utilized is calculated & charged in-line with the water expense/price . Always keep tracking/monitoring check on the water-bills for unusually unexpected high utilization .

Grey Water Recycling :

Grey-water recovering is an environmentally -friendly way of collecting & recycling used & waste water from kitchen-sinks , dish-washers , washing machines , & showers for utilization in toilets , gardening , & other purposes .

Environmentalists have demonstrated & illustrated that accepting & adopting this recycling technique has reduced/minimized domestic water utilization by more than 70%.

Pressure Reducing Valves :

In essence , a pressure-lowering valve adjusts the amount of pressure in a hydraulic-system. These valves ensure that a pre determined amount of water is utilized .

As a consequence , downstream water-system aspects/components thrive further , longer & utilization of water decreases/reduces . This is an extremely wonderful water-saving strategic technique for industrial , residential , & commercial structures/buildings as well as institutional buildings of colleges/universities .

Proficient Accessories :

Water-efficient toilet tanks , sometimes called as green-toilets , faucets , & novel shower heads have flooded the businesses/commercial market , lowering water utilization by up to 60 per cent .

Changes or alteration in falling patterns of water droplets or gush in taps & showers, as well as greater flushing pressure-force in toilets/water closets , are pushing the perimeters or regions of conservation without disturbing consumption habits.

Reverse Osmosis(RO) Systems :

Desalination, a technique adopted in the countries where there are brackish water but no fresh water sources like the Middle-East countries, is a very efficient method of extracting fresh water from brackish salty water

But their installation expenses & products becomes very high because of which they are not prevalent right now.

But Reverse Osmosis(RO) technique on the other hand , has revolutionized/changed the world with water sustainability.

Reverse Osmosis(RO) is an influential/impacting, most convincing , most trusted/reliable, & a well-demonstrated innovation in the world of water which is able to deliver water that is appropriate for the large modern applications , domestic & commercial along with the industrial purposes/needs that require demineralized or deionized , purest form of water .

Reverse Osmosis(RO) currently being the most reliable , cost-effective , & accepted technology all around the industries of the world for cleaning water .

These analyses/considerations , we can imply that water is very vital asset to every creature living on this planet Earth . Water being a finite resource asset must be treated in a sustainable way as a resource not as a commodity that we utilize & throw in garbage.

Conserving Water have its benefits as :
  • It helps in saving your electricity bills while using less water while operating energy & water pumps for short duration.
  • Environment benefits has been witnessed while saving many trees from drying up , many animals from dying , many cultivable areas from getting dry, drought affected areas , river-stream from getting exhausted .
  • If one uses water sustainably while thinking of the generations to come, then it may prevent or delay the constructions of many water & waste water treatment plants whose revenue/profit earning costs is very much helps in saving taxes .

Following the five R’s of the Environment supports the system of protecting Environment in every way possible that is Refuse, Reduce, Re-use, Re-purpose, Re-cycle.

Netsol water is the best industrial and commercial ro plant manufacturer in all over the India. So these are the factors in india Is Doing For Its Upcoming Water Crisis.

October 17, 2023

Do you think is there any profit margin in the business of RO water plant?

Yes, this industry is undoubtedly increasing/booming , as is the necessity for clarifying , purifying our everyday use water(including dangerous elements/substances) , as well as purifying water from waste water treatment facilities.

No person or any industry in this world wants to ingest or utilize ordinary water (with some treatment required), also known as tap water, which is what is typically used in India.

The benefits/advantages of mineralized/nutrient-added & purified water, especially water filtered & disinfected by a reverse osmosis system, are becoming more widely known & accepted .

Considering/thinking of  the concerns of human health, starting/setting-up a Reverse Osmosis(RO) commerce business (whether it is an Industrial reverse osmosis-RO plant or Commercial RO plant)  would be a smart choice move .

Reverse osmosis (RO) is a technique/process of water purification & water disinfection that removes/expel out solids impurities & pollutants from water while many of them leaving behind as the bulk of dissolved particles & other impurities .

Pure & clean water is a necessity not only in today’s society but also in industries . Even, on the other hand, fresh water distribution/supplies are fast exhausting/diminishing.

Advanced/Upgraded technologies with more to come are utilized to treat pollutants/impurities in the potable drinking water, brackish/salty water from industries to address this problem. Reverse osmosis(RO) plants(mostly the commercial RO plants) are a widespread water treatment technique that provides clean, pure water.

Many industrial & business spaces use RO plants on a regular basis for many purposes like feeding sources of purified water in the pharmaceutical industry , textile industries etc .

Water Treatment Plants is the best commercial & industrial ro plant manufacturer in all over India.

Installation of an Commercial/Industrial RO plant is worthy

RO plants comparatively costs less when put in front with the other commerces in this segment, in fact it also fluctuates & hinge on various components/attributes which can be :

  • The total dissolved solids(TDS) & other elements , added minerals found in water at our selected locations.
  • The transport conveyance cost of plant installed/set up & the purified water procured to the patrons/customers .
  • Also, on the quality feature of land-space that is acquired for the installation/set-up of the RO plant.
  • The chemical composition of water & the source from where the water demands is met.
  • Water producing/acquiring/procuring capacity of the installed RO plant.
  • Bottling & packaging of water at the plant.

From these above elaborated & mentioned attributes, a Industrial RO plant approx. costs around a Sum of  ~₹ 90,000/-(Fifty Thousands Only) for a 500 LPH RO plant.

So , it can be clearly observed that for setting up/installation of a Industrial/commercial RO plant is very economical with comparison to other businesses.

But this costs rises to around ₹ 1.25 lacs to several lacs when the RO plant grows & increases its production for that particular purpose with the increase in the capacity of the plant .

Now, let’s focus on the extent/amount of Profit an RO Plant could possibly makes annually.

Profit or how much returns Plant owners getting is a key component of any firm. Every person who begins a business commerce has to first consider the potential revenues. How much benefit it is possible to make/generate from the investment/outlaying that will be made? For the profit earning we’ll demonstrate how to calculate major profit.

Annual revenue for the RO water plant commerce :

Let say, Production is 8000 bottles per day. 8000 x 365 = 29,20,000 bottles will be produced annually.

Total Volume/quantity of water produced/generated per day(if the volume of bottle is 1 litre) : 1x  29,20,000 = 29,20,000 Litres

The cost to sell one crate will be Rs. 80 per crate. Total revenue: 80 x 24,333 = Rs. 1 billion, 94 lacs.

Total profit equals turnover minus manufacturing costs.

We eagerly require to resolve out how much it will amount to produce 24333 crates.

The cost of complete production will comprise labor costs, costs for raw materials, electricity use, costs for using laboratories, & other costs.

At a cost of about 12 lacs per month, 24333 cartons of packaged drinking water will be produced. Therefore, the product generation cost per annum will be approx. ₹ 1 crore 44 lacs.

The Total Profit is then equal to 1 crore 94 lacs minus 1 crore 44 lacs, or 50 lacs Annually.

A small-scaled Industrial Reverse Osmosis(RO) water  plant firm might make returns between  25 per cent & 30 per cent of its revenue  from gains/profits.


Handiness-sized portable bottles have  an industry -standard profit  margin of 35 per cent after the manufacture , packaging , & marketing  expenses .

Looking for a Reverse Osmosis(RO) plant ? Want to install one for your business commerce ? But if you can’t decide/choose , ” Netsol Water ” is one of the best water treatment plant(WTP) & other Treatment plant production firm/company including RO plants as well.

They can actually assist you , & help you in determining/make decisions for which type of treatment plant is most suited to your desired requirements .

The most reliable also being the most trusted manufacturer & a consultancy venture Netsol Water provides a excellent solution for almost most of the problems regarding water , &  waste water treatments plants. So this is the profit margin of ro water plant business.

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