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May 30, 2024

Gurgaon has transformed into one of India’s leading industrial and commercial hubs over the past two decades. The city is home to numerous manufacturing facilities, corporate offices, hotels, hospitals and residential societies. However, rapid urbanisation and industrialisation have put severe strain on Gurgaon’s water resources. Available groundwater sources have high levels of dissolved solids, hardness and other contaminants, making them unfit for direct industrial utilisation or domestic purposes.  Industrial units require a steady supply of treated process water free from impurities, scale-forming compounds and microbiological contamination. This is where industrial-grade Reverse Osmosis (RO) plants come into the picture, providing efficient demineralisation and purification solutions.

we look into Industrial Ro plant manufacturer in Gurgaon and how Netsol Water, a leading RO system manufacturer, can provide robust solutions.


Industrial Water Treatment Challenges in Gurgaon

  • High TDS levels: Groundwater sources in Gurgaon often have total dissolved solids concentration exceeding 2000 ppm, posing challenges like scaling, membrane fouling, etc.


  • Hardness issues: The presence of calcium and magnesium ions leads to scale deposition in process equipment, boilers and plumbing fixtures, necessitating pre-treatment.


  • Heavy metal contamination: Traces of heavy metals like iron and arsenic are found in certain pockets around industrial zones, which foul RO membranes if not removed.


  • Microbial growth: Bacteria and microbes, if not removed, can form biofilms on membrane surfaces, severely impacting performance and life.


Why Industrial RO Plant manufacturer in Gurgaon are Crucial

  • Eliminate dissolved solids: High-quality process water free from dissolved minerals is critical for industries to prevent product contamination and degradation.


  • Protect process equipment: Removing hardness compounds prevents scaling, thereby improving operational efficiency and service life of appliances.


  • Enable water recovery: Advanced RO systems provide high recovery rates, reducing raw water intake requirements and associated costs.


  • Ensure process compliance: Several industries need to adhere to stringent quality norms for process water, which only RO can deliver.


  • Facilitate water reuse: With zero liquid discharge, RO permeate can be recycled back into the process, reducing overall water footprint.


Netsol Water’s Industrial RO Plant Solutions for Gurgaon

A pioneer in water and wastewater treatment solutions, Netsol Water has designed and commissioned numerous Industrial Ro plant manufacturer in Gurgaon across sectors like pharmaceutical, food & beverage, automobile, chemical, textile and more. Here’s an overview of their industrial RO capabilities:


Robust RO System Design

Netsol Water leverages advanced design tools, Toray’s membrane projection software, and rigorous piloting for optimal system design and configuration. Various pre-treatment options like multimedia filtration and ultra-filtration are evaluated along with double pass RO selectivity for meeting stringent quality parameters.


State-of-the-Art Equipment

The core RO system equipment like pressure tubes, pressure vessels, energy recovery devices are manufactured in-house at Netsol Water’s advanced production facilities following global quality protocols. Netsol can build RO plants with capacities ranging from 1 m3/hr to 2000 m3/hr as per specific requirements.


Automation and Remote Monitoring

Netsol Water’s industrial RO plants deploy comprehensive automation through PLCs, SCADA integration and IoT-enabled sensors for process monitoring, data logging and automated operation. Remote monitoring and control enable predictive maintenance, minimizing system downtimes.


Value-Added Options

  • Chemical dosing systems for anticipant dosing and membrane cleaning
  • High-efficiency energy recovery devices for optimising power consumption
  • RO reject stream management through MEE/Incinerators/ZLD, paving way for zero liquid discharge plants
  • Permeate polishing using ozonation, UV, chlorination, etc. for enhanced water quality


Turn-Key Project Execution

From concept to commissioning, Netsol Water provides end-to-end project management of industrial RO plants, including process design, engineering, equipment manufacturing, installation, testing and performance validation. Netsol has a strong multi-disciplinary in-house team backed by strategic collaborations with global technology partners.


After-sales and Operational Support

For sustainable and trouble-free industrial RO operations, Netsol Water offers customisable annual maintenance contracts covering all aspects like preventive maintenance, spares & consumables replacement, performance auditing and emergency breakdown support. Plant operators are also provided with necessary training and guidance.



For industries in Gurgaon, relying on untreated groundwater sources can not only severely impact process outcomes but also lead to regulatory non-compliance issues. Installing a robust industrial RO plant is thus a requirement today. As a trusted name with global expertise in water and wastewater management, Netsol Water offers comprehensive RO-based solutions covering all facets, from system design, supply, installation, and long-term operational support and maintenance. Several leading industrial houses have benefited from Netsol Water’s industrial RO plant manufacturer, realising tangible gains in terms of process efficiency, cost optimisation and environmental compliance.


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