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Are you searching for a reliable STP and ETP plant manufacturer in Banda? Look no further. Netsol Water offers customized manufacturing facilities for STP and ETP plants that help fulfill the demands of your business. Our expertise in water treatment plants ensures you receive the best service and products available in the market.

Why Choose Netsol Water?

Netsol Water is recognized as the top STP and ETP plant manufacturer in Banda. Since 2012 Netsol Water has installed numerous STP and ETP plants. Here is why Netsol Water stands out:

  • Customize Services: Need a manufacturer who can provide products as per your specific requirements? Netsol water excels at fulfilling client demands according to their needs.
  • Quality of Plants: Quality is crucial when selecting STP and ETP plants. Netsol Water consistently uses premium components in their plants enhancing efficiency and longevity.
  • Maintenances & Support: Netsol Water prioritizes client satisfaction by delivering top-quality products and effective maintenance services. We offer exceptional customer support and plant maintenance services.
  • Certification: Netsol Water is a certified manufacturer of water treatment plants in Banda. We hold ISO certification and adhere to all government guidelines and norms in manufacturing STP and ETP systems.
  • Track Record: Netsol Water has installed various water treatment plants for renowned brands. These are all satisfied clients of Netsol Water.

Features of Netsol Water’s STP and ETP Plant Manufacturer in Banda

  • Netsol Water’s STP and ETP plants effectively remove 99% of impurities and pollutants from wastewater.
  • We produce customized plants to address your specific treatment requirements for businesses of all sizes.
  • Our plants are engineered to be energy-efficient minimizing electricity consumption during operation and promoting environmental friendliness.
  • Netsol water utilizes high-grade materials in manufacturing ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Our plants feature user-friendly controls and clear displays simplifying operation and maintenance.
  • Netsol Water’s STP and ETP plants are compact perfect for various commercial settings without compromising efficiency or quality.
  • We employ advanced technology to maximize water recovery and minimize waste.
  • Netsol Water provides comprehensive after-sales support including maintenance and technical assistance to ensure smooth plant operation.
  • Our plants offer excellent value for money with low operating and maintenance costs.
  • Netsol Water treatment plants comply with industry standards and meet all regulatory requirements.
  • Our plants employ multi-stage treatment processes including primary secondary and tertiary treatment to achieve high-quality treated water.
  • Netsol Water treatment plants boast high flow rates ideal for large-scale wastewater treatment demands.

Our STP and ETP Plant Products

Netsol Water provides a diverse range of treatment plants to meet various needs. Our solutions benefit those requiring small or large-scale plants for business or commercial use.

10 KLD STP Plant

  • Capacity: Treats 10000 liters of sewage daily.
  • Uses: Suitable for small residential complexes offices and shops.
  • Components:
  • Bar Screen: Eliminates large solid particles from incoming sewage.
  • Equalization Tank: Stabilizes flow and load of incoming sewage.
  • Aeration Tank: Facilitates biological treatment of sewage.
  • Settling Tank: Separates treated water from sludge.
  • Benefits: Efficient treatment compact design easy maintenance.

50 KLD ETP Plant

  • Capacity: Processes 50000 liters of industrial effluent daily.
  • Uses: Ideal for medium-sized industries like textile pharmaceuticals and food processing units.
  • Components:
  • Neutralization Tank: Regulates pH of incoming effluent.
  • Flocculation Tank: Aids in coagulation of suspended particles.
  • DAF Unit: Removes oil and grease from effluent.
  • Benefits: Highly efficient durable superior build quality.

100 KLD STP Plant

  • Capacity: 100000 liters per day
  • Uses: Large residential complexes schools and hospitals.
  • Components:
  • MBBR System: Advanced biological treatment.
  • Chlorination Unit: Disinfects treated water.
  • Sludge Drying Beds: Dewaters and dries sludge.
  • Benefits: Advanced treatment robust components energy-efficient.

500 KLD ETP Plant

  • Capacity: 500000 liters per day
  • Uses: Large industries chemical plants and industrial parks.
  • Components:
  • Chemical Dosing System: Precisely adds treatment chemicals.
  • Multi-Grade Filter: Removes suspended solids.
  • Reverse Osmosis Unit: Provides advanced purification of treated water.
  • Benefits: High-capacity durable easy installation and maintenance.

These STP and ETP plants deliver efficient wastewater treatment for diverse needs with premium components ensuring dependable performance.


Benefits of Netsol Water’s STP and ETP Plants

Our STP and ETP plants are designed to eliminate pollutants contaminants and impurities from wastewater producing high-quality treated water. This treated water can be reused for various purposes reducing water consumption and costs.


  • Cost-Effective and Eco-Friendly Systems: Recognizing the importance of cost efficiency Netsol water STP and ETP plants are energy-efficient reducing electricity consumption. We create eco-friendly treatment plants that help decrease your carbon footprint and support environmental conservation.


  • Reliability and Durability: Reliability and durability are important for any wastewater treatment plant. We utilize top-quality components to ensure our plants operate smoothly for extended periods without interruption. The use of premium products provides peace of mind and satisfaction.


Industries We Serve

  • STP Plants for Residential Complexes in Banda: An efficient STP plant consistently delivers quality treated water making it essential for residential complexes. In large housing societies water quality and conservation are common concerns among residents. To address this need a well-designed Sewage treatment plant can be implemented.


  • ETP Systems for Manufacturing Sector: Installing an ETP plant in manufacturing units is highly beneficial as it treats industrial effluents and extends the lifespan of machines and equipment. Effluent treatment plants provide a steady supply of treated water which can be reused in boiler feed cooling systems and ingredient mixing.


  • STP and ETP Solutions for Healthcare and Laboratories: STP and ETP plants in healthcare facilities and labs produce exceptionally clean treated water. In hospitals they ensure safe water for various purposes. In labs they provide pure water for precise experiments and tests. These plants remove harmful substances ensuring patient safety and reliable lab results.


  • Treatment Plants for Educational Institutions: STP plants in schools and colleges effectively treat wastewater. They ensure water is safe for reuse in activities like gardening and toilet flushing. In educational institutions STP plants help students and staff contribute to water conservation by eliminating substances that could harm the environment.


Our Process

  • At Netsol Water we ensure a smooth and effective installation of your STP and ETP plant. We start by discussing your needs and assessing your site. Then we create a custom plant personalised to your requirements. Our team carefully installs all components to guarantee optimal performance. Finally we initiate the system and verify its proper operation. We handle each step accurately to provide efficient wastewater treatment exactly as you need it.


  • At Netsol Water our commitment extends beyond installation. Our team maintains your plant’s peak performance through regular check-ups and promptly addresses any issues.


  • Netsol Water stands as a leading STP and ETP plant manufacturer in Banda. Our dedication to quality innovation and customer satisfaction distinguishes us in the water treatment industry. Choosing Netsol Water means investing not just in a wastewater treatment plant but in a sustainable future.


  • The advantages of our STP and ETP plants go beyond mere compliance. As we continue serving various industries, we remain committed to our mission of providing clean water solutions and looking after a greener tomorrow.


  • Select Netsol Water for your STP and ETP requirements in Banda and experience the difference that comes with expertise quality and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Together we can build a future where clean water and environmental responsibility go hand in hand.

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