Commercial RO Plant Manufacturer in Uttar Pradesh

Commercial RO Plant

Commercial RO Plant Manufacturer in Uttar Pradesh

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RO (Reverse Osmosis) system is a manufacturing facility that uses reverse osmosis to purify polluted water. A number of pre-treatment processes, such as softening, de-chlorination, and antiscalant treatment, are required for the Industrial RO Water Plant, but not necessarily with the Commercial systems. Following the pre-treatment procedure, high pressure is utilized to force water through a semipermeable membrane, which traps all impurities while allowing clean water to flow through. Energy levels are determined by the quantity of salts and pollutants in the water. To filter 1 cubic metre of water, a commercial Reverse Osmosis system uses 6 kilowatt-hours of power on average.

What is the purpose of an RO Water Plant?

The RO system aids in the purification of polluted water, which may then be utilized for a number of applications, including:

-Drinking water


-Treatment of sewage

-Contaminant concentration

-Reclamation of dissolved minerals, among other things

Commercial RO plants provided by Netsol Water Solutions

By supplying clean and filtered water that can be utilized for both production and consumption, commercial RO plants have proven to be a benefit for industrialists, housing societies, hostels & restaurants, and hospitals. They are highly recommended since they effectively remove up to 99 percent of dissolved sediments, pollutants, and impurities from water, ensuring that it is safe, pure, and clean.

We provide commercial grade reverse osmosis systems that match your company, your budget, and your water quality demands, whether you own a tiny coffee shop, a busy car wash, or a multi-million dollar healthcare institution.

The following are some of the advantages of Commercial RO Plants provided by Netsol:

-Auto washes, restaurants, motels, and car dealerships can use spot-free rinses.

-Many industrial and food/hospitality industries have increased efficiency and reduced costs.

-Equipment performs better and lasts longer.

-There are cost reductions of a significant magnitude.

Flow, Capacity and application of our Commercial RO Plants

1.100 LPH: Small schools, hospitals, and institutions, as well as small companies and hotels, might benefit from our 100 LPH RO Plant. It’s a heavy-duty system with a 60 percent water recovery rate that can run for up to 10 hours.

2.150 LPH: 150 litres per hour (LPH) RO plant filters 150 litres of contaminated water. It is extremely efficient and does not need routine maintenance. It is more energy-efficient and uses less power.

3. 200 LPH:  A 200 LPH RO system is suited for medium-sized buildings, complexes, and schools, among other things. It necessitates the presence of 400-500 persons all at once. It is simple to use and maintain.

4. 350 LPH: Our 350 LPH RO Plant is ideal for use in hospitals, food processing plants, and hotels, among other places. It’s a heavy-duty device with a 70 percent water recovery rate that can run nonstop for up to 10 hours.

5. 500 LPH RO Plant with Full Automation: It is capable of meeting the daily water requirements of 800 to 1000 people. It is known for its reliable operation and high capacity of 500 litres per hour with six filtering stages.

We provide other heavy RO plants up to 10,000 LPH, as per the requirement of the commercial space. These plants must be properly monitored and maintained in order to avoid costly repairs and unreliable maintenance and to produce high-purity water for many years.

Let’s have a look at how our RO System works!

There are two compartments in the RO Water plant:

One holds high concentration water (for example, saltwater), and the other includes low concentration water (pure water). The semi-permeable membrane separates the two compartments.

When a high degree of pressure is applied to the high concentration water compartment, the water passes through the semipermeable membrane and into the low concentration compartment. The water gathered is the reverse osmosis water.

Our RO systems contain the following parts:

  • Raw water pump
  • Activated carbon filter
  • Sand filter
  • Dosing pump
  • Micron Filter
  • High-pressure pump
  • RO membrane
  • Reject line
  • Recycling line
  • RO product line
  • Control Panel Box
Working Cycle of Netsol’s Commercial RO Plants

Step 1: Water is pumped into the sand filter from the raw water pump, which eliminates suspended particles from the water.

Step 2: The water is then sent through an activated carbon filter, where it is de-chlorinated.

Step 3: For fine filtration, the water is put through a micron cartridge filter.

Step 4: Water is then poured into the RO membranes using a high-pressure pump.

Step 5: Only pure water goes through the membranes, whereas the majority of dissolved particles do not.

Step 6: After that, the clean water goes through the RO product line, while the contaminated water goes through the reject or recycling line.

Water quality in Uttar Pradesh_ A compelling factor to use RO plants

All activities on the ground surface, whether related to urban, industrial, or agricultural operations, have a direct or indirect influence on ground water. Ground water contamination is evidently caused by large-scale concentrated sources of pollution such as industrial discharges, landfills, and subsurface injection of chemicals and hazardous wastes.

Uttar Pradesh, being one of North India’s most powerful industrial and agricultural states, is particularly vulnerable to ground water contamination, which leads to degradation in ground water quality. This poor water quality compels the users to install an effective RO system which Netsol can provide effortlessly in your area. We are determined to provide a sustainable, effortless, and budget friendly RO plant for your commercial setup. Moreover, our RO plants in commercial range come up with the adjustable features which makes it possible for us to deliver the design set up which is chosen by you only.

We are not only manufacturers! But we provide installation services too

Initial needs assessment, system design, fabrication, system installation, start-up services, on-site acceptance testing, and operator training are all services we provide. We provide an unequivocal warranty on the functionality of our systems and the water quality they are supposed to generate.

Particulate filtration, water softening, carbon adsorption, reverse osmosis, deionization, TOC reduction, UV disinfection, and submicron filtration are all technologies that our application engineers are experienced in. Our design engineers are experts in creating bespoke RO plants to meet the needs of our customers.

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